Laura Candler's Mastering Math Facts

I am so pleased to share a wonderful resource with you, Laura Candler's Mastering Math Facts.

Like most 3rd grade teachers, I want my students to leave my class this year having mastered their multiplication facts. (I require my students to master the facts 2-9. I give 100 problem quizzes with 6 minutes to complete it. They have to get a 99% or 100% to pass.) Before our winter break, we had been well into our study of multiplication. The students were practicing with models, arrays, and pictures.

When I started the timed quizzes, I wanted some kind of motivational program. Laura Candler's resource had just what I was looking for. It is jam packed with not only activities for teaching multiplication and division, but she includes some fun ideas to motivate students.

At the time I received the resource, my students already had a pretty good understanding of the concept of multiplication, so I started with Laura's Times Table Challenge. I gave out the blank chart and set the timer for 9 minutes (just a random time). They did pretty good. Most kids finished with time to spare. I told them to keep the chart in their classwork folder as a resource.

As students pass all of the facts, I will use the more challenging table that Laura includes. The numbers down the side and across the top are mixed, so it will take some extra thought and will show me if they REALLY know them.

Two more resources that I really like are the ice cream sundae and this mini multiplication book. As an individual challenge, students color in the section of the sundae with the number they passed. When all parts are colored, that student will get a special treat of their choice. The green paper is a mini booklet of facts. Some of my kids said they will keep it in the car, so they can study. Good idea!

 I love this part of the resource because it was just what I was looking for. Laura created this ice cream cone printable. I'm using this as a class motivator and to track progress of the entire class. When every student has mastered a fact I add a scoop to the cone. When all the scoops are added I will throw an ice cream sundae party for the kids. They are super excited about this. I have the cone displayed on the wall. Along with the cone, I keep a record sheet with each students' name and a star under the facts they have passed. Laura also includes a train display that can be used the same way. The whole class challenge is exciting and it keeps all kids on track and studying for the weekly quizzes.

I have only touched on a tiny portion of Laura Candler's wonderful resource. There are lots and lots of printables for teaching the concepts of multiplication and division along with daily quizzes, ideas for motivation, and math games. I like that she includes alternate ideas for some of the activities along with tips. Her directions are clear and easy to follow. This is one fabulous resource and it's well worth the money. Please check it out!!


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