Warm Winter House Art Project & a Little Grammar

Sandy Hook continues to weigh heavy on my mind as the week continues on. I have spent this week connecting with my students, making them feel loved and safe at school. We have spent the week reading books, making winter crafts, and creating gifts for family and friends. We will celebrate winter with a snowman themed party today. Just getting back to some good ol' FUN!

At the start of the week, to get my students' creative juices flowing, I had them create this folded house project. My directions were to decorate their house for winter or Christmas or Hanukkah or a combination. We brainstormed things you might see inside and outside a house in the winter and activities kids might do outside in the winter. I heard "build an igloo" and "go skiing" and "make snow angels". We had a chance to "think chilly", even though it was 80 degrees outside. Here are some finished warm winter houses.

This student enjoys art. In her house, she really thought about the details and I especially love her window.

This house was created by one of my boys. I think he added some fun details and I just love  the backyard snowball fight.

Here are the step-by-step folding directions:

I have used this project to create spooky Halloween houses, Thanksgiving houses, and summer houses.

My kids really had a ball this week. They were relaxed, chatting with friends, and having FUN! I guess I met my goal!

Today I whipped up this parts of speech chart. I'm going to have the kids use it to name nouns, verbs, and adjectives from their houses. Click ❆HERE❆ to download a copy.

Looking for a memorable gift for students to give family members? Check out my guest post, Silver Packages, on Sunny Days in Second Grade. Students have to think about what it means to "owe a debt" of gratitude to someone and create a silver package for them. You will love it!

I hope you and your students enjoy these projects!


  1. Love it Gina!! It's funny that in Michigan...we do the opposite...imagine being somewhere warm and sunny!!

    1. Oh that's funny Kathy! I guess you would be thinking warm thoughts in Michigan! LOL!

  2. Oh my goodness, these houses are adorable! I love how your students add such great details!

    Elementary School Garden

  3. Thanks!! I have some pretty good 3rd grade artist this year!!

  4. I love this house idea!! Thanks for sharing how to fold the paper! Can't wait to try it this week!

    Teaching First

  5. I love these houses! I just folded up one myself. I have covered nouns and verbs with my students and we are ready to move onto adjectives. This project with be a perfect introduction. Thanks again, Maria

  6. This is beyond awesome! Thanks for sharing this idea!

  7. Thank you, for share this idea, my students will love to do this house.


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