Friday Freebie for Presidents Day

Getting kids to think creatively and critically can be such a task these days. Coming up with projects and ideas certainly keeps me on my toes. My 3rd graders love to write skits and perform them for the class. I try to give them as many of these opportunities as possible. It is so important for them to have time to  collaborate and share out. They really do love it, too!

One project that we will be working on in February are Presidential Interviews. It's very simple, but it gets them thinking and learning about presidents in a different way. You can assign this after you have studied Abe Lincoln or George Washington as a whole group or assign different presidents to pairs of students to research. Basically, the students will research their given president (or use the information you have discussed in class) and write interview questions. I will tell them that their questions must have answers based on the facts they researched. For example, they might ask "When and where were you born?" or "How many children do you have?" or "What years did you serve as president?" One student will act as the interviewer and one will be the president. They can create props, bring props from home, and wear costumes if they wish.

I created this Presidential Interview freebie to help you get started. It includes the directions for the interview project and an organizer for the questions and script.

Another freebie you might use with this project are these president cards. They come in handy if you are assigning random presidents to students. I have included other ideas for the cards, too.

The Presidential Interview project works well with my All About Presidents organizer which you can find HERE at my TpT store. Students use this organizer when researching presidents (or other famous men in history) and this information can be presented in the interview format.

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  1. This looks great!!! Thanks so much for making this so easy!
    Collaboration Cuties

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