Do you need retail therapy? How about a sale?

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!!!! How is your week going? So far so good here. I've received some chocolates, stationery, pens, lots of sweet notes from the kiddos, and a little Starbucks...happy! happy!

In case you haven't heard, there is a celebration/sale going on over at Teachers Pay Teachers! My store (along with many others) is 20% off  plus you will receive an additional 10% off from TpT with the code TPTXO. (Can I hear a WOOT WOOT for TpT??!!)

SO....empty those wish lists. Prepare for next year. Find some wonderful end-of-year activities. Get shopping!! I'll be there, too!!

BTW...THANK YOU for following my little ol' blog, store, Instagram, FB, and/or Bloglovin'. I appreciate your friendships, feedback, and all I've learned from everyone of you!! It's amazing to think about the worldwide teacher network we have going on!! 
How did I survive without all of you???!!


Remember before you shop catch up on feedback for previous TpT purchases. You can earn FREE MONEY to spend right away!
(If you find an error in a product or are not fully satisfied,  PLEASE email the seller or post in the Q & A section first. Give the seller a chance to fix a problem or type or to respond to you before rating the product. We would love that...A LOT!!)

                                     Enjoy the rest of the week dedicated to US!!! xoxox

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  1. Glad to hear you are having an awesome week! You are a great teacher and an awesome friend. I hope the rest of the week goes smoothly!
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