August Currently!

AUGUST?!! NO!! Say it isn't so! I love love love Farley's Currently linky, but it's also a reminder that another month has gone by and, for me, summer is just about over! Time sure does fly!
I'm in my last week of summer break. It's a rainy Saturday morning, but I'm sure in no time the sun will be shining (probably by the time I'm done writing this post). Our South Florida rain doesn't usually last very long. Thank goodness! I hate the rain!

Even though I have one week left, I do have a little something to look forward to. Next weekend I'm heading up to Orlando. My daughter will be dancing at Universal Studios' City Walk and at Downtown Disney. It's not so much a "vacation" because there is some work involved (hair, make-up, rehearsals, schedules to follow), but I do LOVE to watch her dance, so it's all worth it!

Let's talk about the summer TO DO list...I'm sure you all have one, too! Every teacher does. I feel like the summer flew by and I didn't make a dent in mine. Since I am a procrastinator it doesn't shock my that the list didn't get finished.  I'll kick into high gear this last week and somehow get a ton done! Just the way I work! How about you?

I'll be fighting the crowds today doing some BTS shopping. It's Tax Free weekend. Do you have this in your area? The state gives us a break on sales tax for 3 days. No tax on school supplies, shoes, and clothing. There are sales going on all over and the stores are packed, but every little savings helps.

Don't forget that the big BTS sale on TpT is August 4th and 5th. I'll be filling my cart this weekend (like I have nothing else to do). Check out some of the products I will have on sale.


  1. Hey Gina! Have fun with your daughter's dancing! That does sound like fun! Good luck back to school shopping...that doesn't really sound like fun! I'm headed over to check out your store. Have a nice weekend!
    FCS and Then Some

  2. Hi Gina! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your daughter's dance event sounds exciting! My 5 year old daughter is doing a combo of cheer, gymnastics, and twirl. It's so fun to watch her. Have fun!
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

  3. Have an awesome time in Orlando! I wish the timing were better for us to pop over and catch up, and watch Lilly dance.
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  4. We have a tax-free weekend too but I think it's 2 weekends from now. I usually have most of my shopping done by then anyway, but then we aren't really ever done, are we?! :) Not Just Child's Play

  5. Have fun in Orlando!!! We don't have a tax free weekend in Kansas.....but it would sure be nice!

    Mind Sparks


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