Teachers Helping Teachers: Giving to Sandy Hook

The tragedy at Sandy Hook continues to weigh heavy on my mind and in my heart. I can't help thinking about the teachers, the students, and the staff as they now get ready to return to their new building. Another hurdle. How difficult will it be to make things "normal" again? How strong they will have to be to guide those babies through the rest of the school year. My heart goes out to them. I've been wishing there was something I could do. What difference can I make? How can I help?

Here are two ideas that have just touched my heart. Simple. Kind. Thoughtful. Gestures that take nothing for me to do, yet a way that I can feel I gave.

First, Krista of Creative Clips designed this most beautiful clip art. Every penny of her profits will go to Sandy Hook now and forever! I was able to help by simply purchasing this wonderful set for $4. Every time I look at these angels I smile. They really touch my heart.

Click ❤here❤ to purchase your own set of Angels Among Us.

Donna over at Peace, Love, and Learning wrote a lovely post expressing her feelings. She, too, has wanted to reach out to Sandy Hook. She lives 15 minutes from the school and she wrote about the ways the teachers are preparing to return to their new school. Donna and her friend, Karen, came up with a way the sellers of Teachers Pay Teachers can help. PLEASE hop over to her blog and read about her idea of Give Me Five: Teachers Helping Teachers. Here is a way that we can let the teachers of Sandy Hook know that teachers around the country care! I'm so happy to be able to sign up to give my products. 

I hope that my small gestures make a teacher's day a little brighter. A little easier. I wish them all the best as they continue on through the school year. ❤

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  1. Teachers will stop at nothing to encourage their students. Check out the motivational video teachers at Margate Elementary made for their students.
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