5 for Friday

What a week! There was so much going on! Here are my 5 random things from my week. Link up with Doodle Bugs and join the fun!

#1: Monday was our 100th day of school. My 3rd graders spent the afternoon working on my "All About the 100th Day" poster. They loved moving around, working with their friends, and thinking "outside the box". I think it's so important for ALL levels to have a chance to think creatively. Sometimes our lowest babies get "stuck" with too much "drill and kill" and we don't allow them to shine in their own way!

#2: If you do not use Adventures to Fitness in your class, SIGN UP TODAY! My kiddos have so much fun moving with Mr. Marc! On Wednesday, we Skyped Mr. Marc. He came right into our classroom! He asked the kids questions and they got to ask him a ton of really good stuff. We brainstormed before we hooked up so that they had some good ideas prepared, but some of my smarties really surprised me with their thoughtful responses!

#3: On Monday we worked on a cute little groundhog fact/opinion activity from Gina at Third Grade Tidbits.  I shard the Punxsutawney Phil website and we read the book How Groundhog's Garden Grew by Lynne Cherry. This book doesn't tell anything about Groundhog Day, but it's a great book about planting a garden and the pictures are pretty!

#4: This next picture is gross! (Just warning you) 
My hubby is our in school "motivation committee". He works on getting the kids pumped up about using an online program called  First in Math. If your school doesn't use it, it's definitely worth looking into to. It's an internet based math program with tons of math games and great practice of basic skills. The kids earn virtual stickers as they complete games. Hubby's challenge winners (students and teachers) were able to slime him this week. Let me tell you...he gave one up for the team! He was slimmed with tomato sauce, salsa, relish, BBQ sauce, Italian dressing, pudding, and French dressing. It was TOTALLY disgusting, but the kids went wild! They were so pumped up watching this event unfold live with our principal as the MC. At the end he gave our principal a big hug (preplanned of course). The sticker count after this event went through the roof! I'm so proud of my hubby for motivating the kids!

#5: I was super duper excited this week to finish revising my Social Studies Task Cards for an Australian teacher. She purchased my cards and then realized they were more suited for American students. She asked me if I could create them for her students. So, she revised the originals and sent me a copy. I then revised my set and created this Aussie version! It was so cool to work with a teacher on the other side of the planet! I learned a lot, too!!

It was really a full week of fun! 
On a personal note, my 6th grade son's science fair project was entered in the county science fair. I am SO proud of him for completing that project ON HIS OWN!!
Hope you all had a wonderful week!!


  1. My kiddos love Adventures to Fitness too! Great for those rainy and cold days! Glad to have found you through Five for Friday - I'm your newest follower!

  2. Yay for Adventure to Fitness, we have a Skype visit with Mr. Mark this coming Friday. My kids are very excited! Your husband certainly did give one up for the team. Great Job.
    I love how you put your pictures on there in groups, is that hard to do?
    Now, I'm your newest follower. lol

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  3. I'll have to try adventures in fitness with my kiddos! I've heard so much about it. It'll be a really good idea when it gets too hot outside.=) I love that you were collaborating with a teacher from Australia!! How fun! The cards look great!

    Sister Teachers

  4. You did have a busy week!! How fun that you got to talk to Mr. Marc!! I bet they loved that! Your husband totally took one for the team!! What a good sport! I have not heard of that program and I will check it out! Thanks for sharing it!

    Yay for collaboration with and Aussie! How fun!! Congratulations to your son! That's so great!! Especially that he did it on his own!

    (PS- I have a paper cutter at home and at school! As teachers, we know we work constantly and lots of time it's at home! So I like have my supplies at the ready!!)

    Have a good weekend!
    Collaboration Cuties

  5. Congratulations to your son. Your blog is adorable, I am your newest follower.

    The First Grade Princess


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