Show and Tell Tuesday: Read Alouds

Abe Lincoln said, "The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is a man who'll get me a book I ain't read".  My favorite quote by my favorite president! AND my favorite topic today: books! I LOVE books! There is not a lesson that goes by that I don't have a book or at least find a book to share!  I read books to introduce new concepts and ideas.  I read books to model what good readers do. I read books just for fun. I use books as mentor texts for writing. Authors are my rock stars! I will attend local book signings, or better yet reading conferences where tons of authors roam! Here is one of my most favorite things in my classroom:
My author's's been signed by the best of them! Jeff Kinney, Lois Lowry, Patricia Polacco, Ralph Fletcher, Walter Dean Myers, Sharon Creech, Jane O'Connor, Lester Laminack, Gordon Korman. The list goes on. I also keep an album of photos of authors I have met. The kids love to see those and they can't wait to read a book in the chair! Get yourself a director's chair and a good Sharpie and be ready when an author comes to your town!

On to the linky....I'm going to share books for President's Day. Here are some of the many I own:

To introduce Lincoln today, I asked the kids to think of characteristics of a notable person. First, we had to figure out what notable meant. They did pretty good, though at first they thought it was someone who takes good notes! LOL! They then came up with the list in green. I read aloud
A. Lincoln and Me and we filled in the chart at the bottom based on the book. After that we went back to the list of characteristics and discussed the ones that we think describe Lincoln. I put a little blue star next to those. We also discussed how people thought Lincoln was ugly and strange looking, yet we know he accomplished great things! So sometimes you can't judge a book by it's cover! It was a good little opener.

Here are a bunch of books I own and just ♥♥♥:

I can't let President's Day go by and not mention George Washington. I ♥ him, too (even though Abe is my first love!)

Here are some president books I'm dreamin' of:

We will be working on research papers about presidents over the next couple of weeks. I created two freebies for President's Day. You can find them in my TpT store ✯here✯ and ✯here✯. We will be using my "All About" Presidents poster to display our research. I also created this President Pack with some creative alternatives to "traditional" research papers. The kids can make a Facebook like page, write Tweets, or a create a blog page for the president they are researching. My "All About" poster is included in this pack, too!

Link up with Denise at Sunny Days and share your favorite books!!


  1. I love all of these! You have a bunch of Presidents books!!

    I have several of the George Washington books since we teach the Revolution (which is my favorite!!)

    And I LOVE the chair! So many amazing authors have signed it! I'd be afraid to sit on it!! I've never had an author sign anything...apparently I'm out of the loop! I need to stalk them more I guess!!

    Collaboration Cuties

  2. I love the author's chair. So fun!

  3. Wow! You have a crazy amount of Abe Lincoln books! That's so awesome! I need to collect some more for my classroom.

    Compassionate Teacher

  4. What a cool authors chair. You'll have to share some of those stories some day of how that came to be. What a neat memory for you kiddos too.


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