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Five for Friday time!!

On the second day of school, I started introducing and training the class for Read to Self. I am so impressed with their stamina, so far. They can read up to 15 minutes! If you are just starting out with Daily 5 and/or CAFE, I highly recommend that you follow the Sisters instructions to the letter. It really does work! We have also spent time learning how to choose "Just Right" books. Currently, they have 8 books in their book box: one chapter book, one informational text, a picture book, and the rest are their choice completely.

I have a lot of comfy places for them to sit around the room: bean bags, pillows, beach chairs, rolling chairs, and a rocking chair.

I let them sit in my author's chair, too. I bought 2 small stools this summer at IKEA and some choose those.
Target had these folding beach chairs on sale for about $9, so I picked up two of those. When you give kids choice of books and a comfy place to read it creates that sense of independence and responsibility. Even that kid you think can't do will surprise you!

We had Open House the first week of school. I used my Beautiful Bookmark idea which is a freebie HERE on TpT. It's so simple to do and the kids just love it! They were thrilled to see what their parents created for them. 
Aren't these special? The parents wrote some sweet sentiments, not to mention the artwork isn't too bad at all!
 The students did a nice job, too!

I love the Save Fred activity. If you have never tried it click HERE to download the directions. (I can not take credit for it). Basically you use gummy Life Savers, gummy worms, paper clips, and a clear cup. Pairs of students have to work together to get Fred (worm) inside the life preserver (life saver). I had them try it individually first. Obviously knowing it wouldn't work. After they struggled a bit, we discussed what they might do to complete the task. Immediately they arrived at the conclusion that working with someone would make it easier. They paired up,  some talked it out and took their time, and got it! The pairs who didn't collaborate or were trying to rush became frustrated and couldn't do it. It is a wonderful activity for problem solving and collaboration.

Even though I don't use the reading series adopted by our county, I was SUPER excited to get these mentor texts!! I also received 4 class sets of books to use. I teach skill and strategies from mentor texts and my students practice in their own "just right" books. There are some fantastic books in this collection that are really going to enhance my library collection.

If your district is like mine when you adopt a new text book the old ones are packed up and shipped off to the book depository or some other place that stores old books and school furniture. I decided to put some of my old books to better use. I saved a bunch of science and social studies text books and I let the kids cut them up and use the pictures to decorate their notebooks. This year I decided to use one notebook for both subjects. The front is science and the flip side is for social studies. The kids loved the idea of cutting up textbooks and they found some neat pictures, too!

Our year is off to a great start! I'm so happy with the progress they have made so far. I know that I do have to work on problem solving with them. They seem to be a bit on the helpless side when it comes to some basic tasks. How has your year been so far??


  1. My kids loved the Save Fred activity too. I like the idea of having them try it by themselves first...I am going to have to remember that for next year!

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    1. Hi Gina,
      I love your parent made bookmarks and cutting up old textbooks! I think I may be borrowing those ideas. Happy your first week went well!


  2. Gina
    I absolutely love that book mark idea...I will be putting that together for our open house too. Perfect. Thanks so much!!
    A Burst of First

  3. Oh my word that bookmark idea is just too precious! I am going to have to remember that one for our Parent's Night! Thanks for sharing and they turned out great!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  4. I'm definitely sharing the bookmark idea with my teachers. They'll love it. Thanks for sharing.

    Mrs. Tretbar’s Library


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