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It's time...
Things are finally settling down. I'm finished with week 3 of school and we are in the groove. My little third graders are adorable and sweet!

#1: This week was a little funky! We had Monday off for Labor Day. I had jury duty on Wednesday (didn't get picked!). Thursday was another day off for the Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashanah. So basically, I've been in school 2 days this week. Kind of nice, but being out always makes feel like I have to catch up. Lots of papers to grade this weekend, too, on top of planning.

#2: Speaking of is some of what I'm preparing for next week:

 Generating ideas for writing personal narratives is one of our goals. The kids will be thinking about special people and places in their lives. Rotten Richie and the Ultimate Dare by Patricia Polacco is one of my mentor text to introduce special people and  A Quiet Place by Douglas Wood is perfect for talking about special places. After I read the books, students will list special people and places in their writer's notebooks. I have a mini unit on writing memoir in my TpT store. You can check it out here.

#3: I have been trying to rework my lesson plan template this year. I purchased a couple of nice sets that teachers have created on TpT and I've downloaded some free ones, too. There just haven't been any that I'm happy with and work for my style. I decided to go back to my old standby, but with revisions:

Not only is it colorful and cute (that makes me happy), but it's exactly how I want it. I know this looks very traditional, but I just wanted to keep it simple. Thankfully, my principal does not require anything specific in our plans. I know many teachers who have to write objectives, essential questions, etc. I can set mine up however it best suits me. I love and appreciate my principal for allowing us to make these kinds of decisions!! I made one long box to include reading, writing, vocabulary, and science/social studies. My goal is have more of an integrated block this year.

#4: I shared my Exit Slip banner with you last week. I had the kids write their first sticky today.
 I told them they could write "I learned..." or "I have a question about..." They did a cute job for the first one ever!
I have two plans for the stickies, so far. One is to respond to each one and return them. The other is to use as an assessment. For example, I might ask them to write about something specific--list 3 facts about Abe Lincoln or write a compound sentence or round a number, etc.  They could respond to reading or just reflect on something we did in class. It all depends on what we have studied that week. I'm really excited to use this and I think it will be a valuable tool in my classroom.

#5 is more of a personal note. At the start of the summer, I reconnected with one of my very best friends from high school (celebrating our 30 year reunion this year...YIKES!). We haven't talked or seen each other in about 8 years. Why we stopped talking I don't even remember!! I'm so happy to be back in touch. I have missed her so much! We are going to her house tomorrow to watch a football game and hang out and I can not wait!! It's funny how you can spend so much time apart, but when you reconnect it's like a day hasn't passed. That's how it is. I'm so fortunate to have her in my life again! ♥

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  1. I've been working on my lesson planning documents too - I was all happy with what I was using, then my leadership team started collecting them and wanted extra stuff added in - but that's in my head - is what I said - back to the drawing board once again.....

    Happy weekend!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  2. Patricia Polacco is one of the best for mentor texts on personal narratives!

    I love your exit slip banner, and your lesson plan template is really cute. It really does add some joy to planning if you start with a cute template!

    Have a great weekend!

    Fit to be Fourth
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  3. LOVE your exit slip banner! I often use exit slips but never thought of displaying them. I just need to think of how to incorporate this idea into the Reading Room since I have different grade-levels coming and going. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for sharing!
    The Rungs of Reading

  4. The exit slips are such a great idea! We may have to try it out!
    Tamra and Sarah


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