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I'm excited to be linking up with Hope at 2nd Grade Shenanigans for her Take Me Back Tuesday Linky. I've never participated in this one before. Looks like fun!

I want to share this post with you from last December. I have a few more followers than I did back then (hooray!), so I hope this will be new for you!
***********************ORIGINAL POST DECEMBER 20, 2012**************

     At the start of the week, to get my students' creative juices flowing, I had them create this folded house project. My directions were to decorate their house for winter or Christmas or Hanukkah, or any other winter holiday they might celebrate. The decorations can be a combination, too. We brainstormed things you might see inside and outside a house in the winter and activities kids might do inside or outside in the winter. I heard ideas such as "build an igloo" and "go skiing" and "make snow angels". It was fun to "think chilly", even though it was 80 degrees outside. Here are some finished warm winter houses.

This student enjoys art. In her house, she really thought about the details and I especially love her window.

This house was created by one of my boys. I think he added some fun details and I just love  the backyard snowball fight.

Here are the step-by-step directions for creating these winter houses.

Easy peasy, right??  I have used this project to create spooky Halloween houses, Thanksgiving houses, and summer houses. You can use them for just about any holiday or season. It gets the students using their imaginations!

If you want to add an academic part to this art project, have your students label nouns, verbs, and adjectives around their houses. They can also write a short story or personal narrative about the holiday or season of their house.

I created this graphic organizer so my students could list the parts of speech they found around the house. Great as an assessment, too.  Click ❆HERE❆ to download a copy for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by for a little blast from the past!! Hope you and your students have fun with this project!!
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