Winter Planning Giveaway Stop C-10

I am so EXCITED to be a part of this A.MAZ.ING giveaway where EVERYONE WINS!! WHAT?? You read it right....EVERYONE WINS! All of these prize packs will help you with your winter planning! Who doesn't want to get ahead with lesson plans? Here's all you do. Begin at Lovin Lit. My friend, Erin, will give you the directions and a cheat sheet to keep you organized. You will make stops at some of the best blogs on the net where you will collect a secret word. When you collect the words, you get your prize! That's it!! Easy peasy! The BEST can get all three packs if you want them. How can you pass this up?? You can't! So get started!!
 I donated samples from my President Pack. This can be found in Pack C along with all these other wonderful products!!

If you like what you see in the sample pack, then come on by my TpT store for the whole thing.

Now here is my secret word...

If you're looking for some other patriotic activities to accompany your study of the presidents, then check out my Celebrate Freedom pack. These brochures will provide some fun, quick activities for covering holidays, heroes, symbols, and songs of our country.

On January 31, 2014, ring in the Chinese New Year with these activities focusing in on the symbols of this festive holiday. Check it out HERE.

I would love it if you would follow me here and/or on any other social media you like--Bloglovin, FB, or Instagram. If you like my products be sure to follow me at my TpT store, too!

There is another special event happening at TpT. Check out this awesome bundle. ALL proceeds will be donated to our friends who have suffered due to the tornados in Illinois. There are several bundles to choose from. I have donated to this one:
PLEASE be sure to check it out! These will be available the month of December only!
Don't forget about the Cyber Monday and Tuesday sale happening at TpT December 2nd & 3rd. My store will be 20% off plus and additional 10% from TpT. Use the word CYBER at checkout.

WHEW! Lots going on and lots of wonderful bundles, bargains, and giveaways for you! ENJOY!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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