Beach Birthday Bash and a Giveaway!

It's my birthday! It's my birthday!

I love birthdays! I think they are one of the most important days of the year and I want to share mine with YOU! (Indulge me on this)


to my fun in the sun BIRTHDAY

There will be decorations...

Don't forget your SUIT!

We will
 in the waves...

Dance in the 

and relax in the 

When the sun begins to's time to gather round the table for a seafood feast!
Then we'll EAT CAKE!!

(Did you have fun at my birthday beach bash! LOL!)

I am actually heading to the beach today and as many times as I can this week (I'm on Spring Break!!). 

As my gift to you, my TpT store is on sale today and tomorrow. And I'm having a giveaway...$29 worth of products from my store...why $29? That is the age I feel and wish I was forever! You don't have to jump through hoops to enter. Just leave a comment sharing how you celebrate birthdays in your classroom.


  1. I love your retro images! So funky!

    We keep it low key...birthday treats right after healthy snack. We sing to the birthday child, I have a special birthday table centerpiece they put on their desk and I display a huge birthday sign on the whiteboard. Easy!

  2. Happy Birthday my dear friend! I hope you have fun at the beach this week!
    I have a calendar at the front of my room where everyone's birthday is posted for the month. We make sure to acknowledge the child on their special day. We don't do too much else because our middle school doesn't allow parties etc., but usually the kids decorate the locker.
    Have a great day!

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  3. Happy birthay - have a great spring break and enjoy all your beach time!!

  4. Happy Birthday! We can only eat healthy food so sometimes kids will bring in pencils for the other students, but we don't really celebrate birthdays in class.

  5. Happy Birthday! We celebrate birthdays by bringing in cake or cupcakes and singing happy birthday to the kiddo!

  6. We celebrate birthdays by doing a cute chant. Then I give them a small item. This year, it's Mr. Scentos marker. They love picking theirs out when it's their special day. Happy Birthday to you!

  7. Happy birthday to you! That birthday cake is adorable! Have fun at the beach. I went fishing on the beach yesterday, but's gloomy out. :(
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  8. Happy Birthday!!! We sing Happy Birthday and I give out a special Birthday Homework Pass.

  9. We try to keep it special, but not take a lot of time out of our day. We hang (or write) "Happy birthday, Name" on the board to stay all day. The birthday boy or girl has a birthday certificate and birthday bookmark on their desk when they come in. We sing happy birthday. As a special gift, the birthday boy or girl gets to pick a book from my birthday book basket at the end of the day. Sometimes the birthday boy or girl will bring in a snack or little present for the rest of the kids like pencils or erasers, too.

  10. Happy Birthday!! I have a seat cover that says Happy Birthday on the student's chair, I give them a card with a fancy pencil, and we sing Happy Birthday. If they bring in a treat, we share it after lunch to keep sugar rushes at a minimum.

  11. The children are allowed to bring in a treat if they want to. We sing Happy Birthday and I have a special birthday card that I give them. They also get a special treat from the principal.

  12. We hang a birthday banner over our doorway. We have a chart of birthdays in our room. The birthday child has her desk decorated, gets a new pencil, and a birthday sticker, we sing to the child, and they get to pick out of the birthday box (items from dollar store).

  13. Happy Birthday!!!! Our Kinders each illustrate a page for their classmate wishing him or her a happy birthday and we bind them into a book for the birthday girl/boy. They also get to take home a giant pixie stick with a "balloon" top. :o)

  14. Happy Birthday! I am a special education teacher & this year I push into classrooms. The classes I work in celebrate with a treat that the birthday child brings in. If parents want to come in they can. Everyone sings.

  15. Quite impressed to know about your birthday and this awesome party. I am in search of lofty spaces to arrange my kid’s birthday next month. Planning for surprise gifts and hope to arrange a great party for him.


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