Giveaway Winner!

Thanks for coming to my virtual party and entering my giveaway! The winner is Courtney Slemp! Congratulations! (I emailed you today)

I love all the ideas for birthday celebrations in the classroom. In my class, the students can bring a treat for the class that can be passed out at lunch. I give the birthday kid a pencil and bookmark. They also get a birthday chair cover to use for the day.

I noticed many of you said you have kids bring in healthy snacks or there are no snacks at all for birthdays. Both fine ideas! At a recent faculty meeting, we discussed giving out candy treats as rewards. I personally don't use food as rewards, but I do think it's ok to have one now and then. As for birthdays, that is the one day that kids should have something special! How do you feel about candy rewards?

Thanks again for stopping by! Off to enjoy...

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  1. I was so excited to see my winner email pop up in my inbox!! Thanks again for such a great giveaway. I use candy as a reward in my classroom. Not all the time, but sometimes and the kids love it! I think candy and food rewards are okay in moderation. I don't like to over reward my kids with anything because my ultimate goal is intrinsic motivation, but everyone needs a little push now and then!


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