Hobby Time: Building Confidence

Building confidence and self-esteem in children is a stepping stone toward being a healthier adult. When students have a sense of their strengths and weaknesses they are better able to face life's challenges, conflicts, and negative pressures. As teachers, helping students develop self-esteem is something we do on a daily basis, but not all students find success or confidence in the classroom setting. Kids can feel as if they are only as good as their test score or a grade on a report card. In this testing frenzy time, I think we need to step back and remember the WHOLE child. There are so many talents hiding within our rooms that we can't even see.

Years ago, needing an activity for the last week of school, a colleague and I came up with the idea of Hobby Time. We allowed the kids to bring in hobbies/crafts to work on and share. They were having a blast teaching each other and "showing off" what they could do.  Over the years, it evolved into more than just a show and tell time. I began to realize that even the students who were not top academically had something to offer and share. Their confidence was up and their self-esteem inflated!

Hobby Time includes activities that give students a chance to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. They have the opportunity to research, draw, create, write, and share about what makes them special. All of these activities come together to make a perfect lapbook scrapbook or can be used in an interactive notebook. What a nice keepsake, too!
Some students may need help and encouragement finding their hobby/interest/sport. Allow them to write about one they want to succeed at. Discuss goal setting and what it takes to achieve those goals. Help them discover that everyone has talents!

We need to guide and nurture the whole child. We need to take time to get to know who our students are outside of the classroom. By allowing students to showcase their hobbies, recreational activities, and sports, we will help them feel confident, fit in, and shine in the classroom!

Use this product as a back to school/get to know you activity, an end of year culminating activity, or anytime in between. JANUARY is Hobby Month so that would be a perfect time!! Do some or all of the activities provided.

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  1. Love your hobby time activity...so many ways it can evolve with each student! Here is an activity that was based on teaching the gifts of giving and receiving, but can fit right it with letting our students be creative and build esteem. It is the Great Thank You Gifts at the bottom, right of the page on http://monthbymonth.scholastic.com/organize.html.

  2. My daughter had a unit of inquiry back in school called "Hobby Shop" which lasted for six weeks (http://flutteringthroughtheseasons.blogspot.ch/2014/10/a-peek-into-2nd-grade-1st-6-weeks.html). They had to explore their hobbies to find out their learning styles - I thought it was quite interesting!

    Fluttering through the Seasons


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