The Magical Product Swap~~SWEET Adjectives!

I am so excited to be participating in my first product swap organized by Jessica at Mrs.Standford's Class blog.

I was lucky enough to swap products with Gina at Third Grade Tidbits. It was the perfect match! Same name! Same grade!
I got to go "shopping" at Gina's TpT store (who doesn't love to shop?) and I choose this SWEET pack:
As you can see, it's loaded with great activities!

My class has spent a great deal of time working with adjectives, so I decided on the games to give my kids a fun review, especially after testing all week, and fun it was!

First, I copied the "I Have Who Has" game. My kids love these. I have to admit it was a little challenging which I love! They had to think!

For the second round of this game, I made copies of these handy little resource posters. Gina offers a large version for use in the classroom and this smaller version. I had the kids glue these in their Word Work notebook. Now the game above was a bit easier because they had a "cheat sheet". They also referred to these for the next game.
Sweetest Land is a Candy Land type game that Gina created. All you need to add are the playing pieces.  I decided that two students per game would work well for my class, but it can certainly be played with 3 or 4. I then made nine copies of the game board and nine sets of the cards. I mounted them on colored construction paper. I planned on laminating them prior to using them, but our school laminator was not working. (I have since purchased a personal laminator.)
To add a little extra fun, I decided to use Kisses as the game pieces. They fit perfectly on the circles and the kids got to the eat them at the end!

I went over the directions, placed kids in partners, and gave them the items pictured below. Basically, the first player chooses a card, answers the question, and then moves their piece to the circle with the candy that matches the candy on the card. If they land on the place with the straw they can slide ahead. Some of my kids decided they would slide back, too.

The students had a blast! I circulated around the room to offer help and listen in.

After round one was finished they wanted to play again! (good sign, right?) I decided to add a twist. I told them that not only did they have to say the adjective, but they had to spell it, too. As you can see this wasn't so easy!

Overall, these activities were engaging and FUN! My class gave it a big thumbs up! I'm looking forward to adding Sweetest Land to my Word Work materials. (Of course, I will not be using Kisses.) I anticipate this will be a popular game! THANKS GINA!!

Please visit my friend Gina at her blog and TpT store to see more of her wonderful products!

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