5 for Friday (a little late!)

I'm a day now 2 days late, but better late than never, right??
Here are my 5 random things from my week. Thanks Doodle Bugs for hosting this linky! I love it!

#1: My kids finished their MLK work this week. I love the way these clouds came out. They look so cute hanging up, too. My kids really wrote thoughtful real dreams! I was so proud of them. If you didn't get a chance to download my MLK Freebie, click here and save it for next year!

#2: On Thursday, my class participated in Distance Learning. The superintendent read to about eight 3rd grade classes around the county. Here is the funny part....I had to leave early that day and I told the kids my sub was going to be me. I couldn't let the Super think I wasn't in school. They got a kick out of that! He read Wild About Books.

#3: Our book buddies visited us on Friday. I just love watching them all read together. When I told my kids their book buddies were going to be first graders this year, I heard, "Yay! Now we get to DO the reading!" We meet about once a month. Sometimes we do a little art project together and sometimes we just read. One day I gave all the kids rubber gloves and we picked up trash around the school. They actually liked doing that!

#4: Did you ever have something in your room or classroom closet FOREVER and never used it? You know, one of those things you just can't get rid of because "some day" you will find a use for it? Here is what I recently dug out of my classroom closet:

How cute is this thing? It's a remote control robot!! It moves around AND you can talk into the remote and it sounds like the robot is talking!! My son pulled it out the other day and put it together. I'm not sure what to do with it, but it's darn cute! It actually came as part of a kit for healthy eating or say no to drugs...I can't remember. There is curriculum with it, too that I guess I should read. For now it's sitting on a chair in my room and has all the kids wondering!

#5: On Sunday I'm heading up to Orlando for FETC~Florida Educational Technology Conference. I'm SUPER excited. I LOVE learning new things. My BFF and I are going together. We have never been away without our families, so this will double as some "girl time". We are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge in Disney so this is going to be a treat!!  (If I'm MIA this week now you know why!) Next week for 5 for Friday I will post new technology ideas for the classroom that I learned.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!!


  1. Your dream clouds look super cute hanging up, and whatever you decide to do with that robot your kiddos are gonna think it's the coolest thing ever!

    Do you have a tattling problem in your room? Maybe you could do something with him that way.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  2. That robot IS stinkin' cute!! My kids want to do book buddies but all the lower grades classes are taken...boooooooo....

    I WANT TO GO TO THE ANIMAL KINGDOM SO BAD. SO BAD GINA. Now, I'll stop shouting at you. I know you probably aren't GOING to Animal Kingdom but you will be close by (it sounds like). ENJOY YOURSELF!! (ok, I lied. I'm still shouting at you but now I'll stop.) Have fun!!! I can't wait to hear what you learned about!!

    Collaboration Cuties


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