Show & Tell Tuesday

 It's time for Show and Tell with Denise from Sunny Days in Second Grade.
This week's topic is WINTER! It is really hard for me to "think" winter when it's 80 degrees outside. My kids are splashing around in the pool. I'm wearing shorts & flip flops and enjoying the breeze coming in through my open windows! Winter? Really? My 12 year old son traveled to Colorado Springs in December for a water polo camp. The first day he was there he called me crying his eyes out that his nose burned and his throat hurt. A true Florida boy! He was just not used to that dry cold air. After I talked him down, he got some Neosporin for his nose and cough drops for his throat and "survived" the camp!

Many of my students have been fortunate enough to have experienced a real winter. They have seen snow or been in cold temperatures, so they have a little background knowledge. In my last post ❅here❅ I shared a winter exchange project that my class participated in. We discussed winter in South Florida and my students learned that Florida has a subtropical climate and we have 2 season, dry and wet.  The project provided a fun teachable moment. (Yes, I strayed from the given 3rd grade curriculum. LOL!)

If you live in a snowy climate, do you have your students think about what it's like in a warm place? Are you thinking warm thoughts on a cold day?

Here are some activities for those chilly (or warm) winter days:

If you are looking for some warm winter read alouds try these:

Check this past post ❅here❅ for a Winter Wonderland of Great Books anchor chart my students have been working on and cute polar bear masks they created in art.

Keep warm today! 
(Or in my case, cool!)


  1. Greetings from the snowy northeast!
    With plenty of snow each winter, my students can't imagine a winter without snow. We did a snowman glyph where on the snow hat, the three options were if you loved snow, hated snow, or had never seen snow. The students laughed and laughed at the though of someone who had never seen snow! :)

    Joy in the Journey

  2. Thanks for joining my linky and sharing such great ideas. LOVE the brain boosters!

    Sunny Days In Second Grade


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