Kids say (and write) the darndest things!

Kids just crack me up! I had to share some recent funnies from my third graders. 

First, my kids keep what is called a Family Message Journal. They write to someone at home each week and reflect on the past week at school. In general, my kids have been doing a great job. They are really learning how to reflect on their learning. Here is a letter one of my boys wrote this week:

Is that hysterical?? Pretty close to Andy Warhol, right? Now this letter comes on the heels of another student funny. My kids are required to present at least one book commercial each quarter.  After finishing a book, they advertise their book to the class. The idea is try to entice others to want to read it. They make suggestions as to what is a good book for boys, girls, or both.
That said, here is how it went last Friday:

Sweet little girl: "Fancy Nancy is a great book for girls (brief pause, cute tilt of the head, adorable smile) or boys if your a drag queen."
Boy in class: "A WHAT queen??"
Me quickly jumping in: "THANKS. That was great! Let's give S a hand!"

How about that??  I was not about to explain that one to the class! LOL!

Click here for this copy from Scholastic.

Last, but not least, this one comes from a 4th grade class I had many years ago, but it remains a classic. The assignment was to report on a famous woman in history. One little girl chose Annie Oakley, a cool lady. She starts out by giving the usual info. Annie's background, life, what she was famous for, etc. Suddenly out of the blue comes, "and only one man could satisfy her. Wild Bill!"  WHAT?? It made me wonder....did her parents read over this paper? Did they know she would say that?? I will never forget that one!

Thought it would be fun to share some classroom funnies.  I know you must have a few yourself!! Enjoy the rest of your week!!

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  1. Oh my!! I love the funny stuff kids say too! I've posted several on my blog. Some of these stories are from years ago, and they still crack me up while I'm writing them!



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