Five for Friday~~Ups and Downs!

Are you feelin' the love this week?? I know I am and it feels great to be appreciated by my parents, students, and administration. We all work very hard at this job and a little thanks goes a long way!!

Today I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs to share my week full of mostly ups, but there was a little down along the way!

I'm going to start with the ups from this week. Each day this week there was a different theme for teacher appreciation:  Monday was flowers, Tuesday candy, Wednesday favorite drink, Thursday notes, and Friday lottery tickets (I am not a millionaire...only $3 winner)! Our administration showed their appreciation, too. Target gift cards, breakfast treats, sweet treats, and lunch!

 Students finished up their How to be My Mother poems and books. Boy, did they do a great job! What mom isn't going to love these??!

Sherri Winston, the author of President of the Whole 5th Grade and The Kayla Chronicles visited our school. She was fabulous. She gave the kids some great writing advice. She told them that if they are ever stuck for a story, just start with two characters who are opposite. As soon as you have opposite characters, you have created a conflict or problem. Love that! So simple!

Today was our 5th grade vs. Faculty softball and kickball games. It's really a lot of fun and it was a beautiful day. Hubby played kickball. I did not play...I am NOT the sporty type at all! 

Now for the downside of the week. On Wednesday evening I was doing some yard work. My dogs were playing in the yard when I heard the most horrible yelping! I turned around to see one of my fur babies on his bottom spinning around. His two back legs were clearly not working. Hubby came running out. Koda feel to his side and became very stiff. We thought for sure it was a seizure. He finally relaxed and when we tried to stand him up the back legs were just not working at all. We rushed him to the animal hospital to find out he had two herniated discs in his back leaving his back legs paralyzed. The treatment would be a night of heavy doses of steroids and if his legs were not working by morning then surgery. After a sleepless night, we called the vet in the morning, Koda was making a remarkable recovery. He was walking!  The vet said we were so lucky! You have no idea how relieved we all were. Koda came home later on Thursday. He is on strict crate rest for at least a week. His walk is not perfect, yet. The only worry is that he can very easily injure it again. This is a dog that loves to run with the rest of the pack and he chases squirrels along the fence. Keeping this dog "quiet" is going to be near impossible. I guess we have to wait and see. I'm just happy that he is home. He is currently getting lots of TLC!

This week was full of highs and lows, but I'm thankful that everything worked out for the best! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful week and feel as appreciated as you deserve to be! ♥♥


  1. Oh my goodness! Glad he's ok! My fur babies are my children, so I def understand the sleepless night and amount of love you have for him!!
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  2. Your poor doggy!!! Glad to hear that he's on the mend! Who won the kickball game? I'm so bad at kickball, but I'd probably play anyway. I'm super competitive!

    Angela :)
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  3. Your week really was full of ups and downs! I'm so glad your pooch is ok! That is scary!
    Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!
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  4. At least the up outnumber the down. I hope all is going okay now. That is frightening!

    The Mother's Day books look fantastic!

    Enjoy your weekend,
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  5. Wow! What a week! I hope this week is much more settled!

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