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The weeks have been jammed packed. Between after school activities with my kids and working on school plans, etc. and just everyday life, I've been neglecting this little ol' blog. I wanted to jump on today and post a few quickies for you!

I know that Columbus Day has officially passed, but in my room we are still going strong with our study. We have been working on geography in social studies, so discussing famous explorers ties in nicely.

I like to use three pieces of text when I discuss Columbus. Encounter (Voyager books) by Jane Yolen, Pedro's Journal: A Voyage with Christopher Columbus, August 3, 1492- February14,1493 and an excerpt from Columbus' journal which you can find HERE.

For our study, I created some graphic organizers that help students think about perspective since each piece is told from a different point of view. You can find this product at my TpT store and it's on sale today and tomorrow!

My students created some cute folder covers. They will store all their work in these as we study the voyage. I gave them the materials (no patterns) and told them to create one of the ships on their cover. I think they did a pretty awesome job! (love the pointy water on this first one!)

The first activity I asked them to do was to think about what they know about Columbus and what they know about the Taino people (which was nothing at all). I read aloud Encounter, which is told from the perspective of a Taino boy as Columbus lands in San Salvador. We discussed the story and they filled in the other half of the organizer which is to tell what they have learned. They will continue to fill these in as we go along.

This week I'm going to give them an excerpt from his original journal and ask them to work in groups, read it, and try to break down this very complex text. I will also read excerpts from Pedro's Journal, specifically the October entries when they finally spot land and meet the natives. We will continue to talk about the different view points and how perspective can effect a story or event.

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