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Happy Sunday! Time to link up with Collaboration Cuties!

This week's subject is science. Confession is not my favorite subject to teach! There I said it!! My brain just doesn't work so well on the math/science side. Never has. If I can find literature to tie into those subjects than I'm a happy camper. I try to get my hands on as many resources as I can when tackling science.

When I recently attended a reading conference in Orlando and I was excited to came upon this mentor text called Meet the Planets.  We have not started our study of space yet. In fact, in third grade science, we only cover Earth and the stars, but I don't see why I couldn't sneak this book in. Kids love learning about the planets! How stinkin' cute is this cover and the illustrations??

I think the kids will really enjoy this books. Here is the Amazon summary:
Soar into the Solar System to witness the first Favorite Planet Competition, emceed by none other than the former-ninth planet, now known as dwarf planet Pluto. The readers become the judges after the sun can't pick a favorite and the meteors leave for a shower. Who will the lucky winning planet be? Could it be speedy-messenger Mercury, light-on-his-feet Saturn, or smoking-hot Venus? Readers learn all about each planet as Pluto announces them with short, tongue-in-cheek facts. 
I can't wait to share this book with my class. I love how the planets have been given personalities and those cute faces. Perfect for teaching personification or anthropomorphism (love that term...try it with your kiddos). You will also find references to scientists and people in history, constellations, art, and classic literature. A good informational text and  resource for your classroom library.

I'm going to do a little cheating here since I haven't actually used the book yet, but I wanted to share it. I don't have an activity created for it, but HERE is a link to a teacher guide already created by the publisher for this book. They have provided some super cute activities, too. (Why reinvent the wheel all the time, right??)
I hope you check out this book for your space unit! Link up with Collaboration Cuties and share your favorite mentor text!

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  1. What a cute book! I'm going to have to share this with the 3rd grade teacher at my school...they teach all about the planets.

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! I don't like teaching science either, but planets were always more fun to me. Hadn't heard of this book yet.

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