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I love that this is about being random...fits me to a tee! I try so hard to stay on task, but I'm the queen of multitasking. (My husband is the complete opposite...drives me nuts! LOL!) I have a list a mile long of things I want to accomplish this summer. When I sit down to do something on the list I get so distracted. It just feels like my creative juices aren't flowing enough. Hopefully, they'll start soon! Does that happen to you?

If you have visited me before then you will have noticed my blog updo! If this is your first time here, WELCOME!! I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this update. (Check out the mermaid tail post icon!! I think that is my favorite part!) Erika at Honey Bunch Blog Design was super patient with me. We must have emailed each other a thousand times. She was able to do just what I was like she read my mind! I was looking to keep the feel of the blog the same, yet add some new elements. She did just that. Thanks, Erika!! 

In the midst of the update, I added some new pages. One new page is the Linkys I {heart} tab. (I decided it should be L-i-n-k-y-s instead of -ies...does that seem right to you?) If you host a regular weekly/monthly linky party, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE link up. There are so many parties out there that seeing them on one page might help other bloggers, as well as myself, keep track and get organized with posts and maybe find some new ones to join. 

I can't wait to get started on my classroom makeover this fall. I purchased this set from Schoolgirl Style. She creates the prettiest color combinations! I've been on the lookout for new classroom decor that matches this color scheme. I've read that you can spray paint plastic so I might venture into painting some of my crates and book baskets rather than purchasing new ones. Have you ever tried that?? If so, did it work well? I will be spray painting my white rocking chair very soon. I'll post pictures along the way. (this is on my TO DO list)

Have you seen this AWESOME giveaway over at Melonheadz?? The June Mystery box has THE BEST prizes!! You must head over and check it out! I am all entered and waiting to win!

That is my randomness for today. Enjoy your Sunday and the rest of the week!


  1. Love the colors! I really want to change mine.

  2. Erika is working on an update for me too. I can't wait! I have been reading that people have been using Rust-o-leum spray paint for plastic. Good luck!
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