Hi Friends,
Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving and a little time off. I know I have!

I'm so excited for the TpT Cyber Sale starting Monday, December 1st. My store will be 20% and TpT offers an additional 10% off with the code TPTCYBER.

Are you getting your wish list ready and wondering what to purchase? 
I'm linking up with Ideas by Jivey and giving you a peek into my store and my shopping list!

My most wish listed (and popular) product is my Text Features Pack.

This pack includes posters, games, and graphic organizers. Students will get lots of practice finding and naming text features. They will also have a chance to add text features to an informational piece. Your students will be text features experts!

One of my favorite newer additions to this set are these text feature arrows. They are perfect for a quick formative assessment, partner work, or small group work.
You can find this product HERE in my TpT store.

Second on my most wish listed list is  Fraction Scoot. Included are 32 cards that can be used for a scoot game or as task cards. I love scoot games because they make a great formative assessment, they get the kids moving, and can be used over and over. You can find all my scoot games HERE.

Now...what will I be purchasing?? I really love these Grammar Tab-Its from Simply Skilled in Second Grade.   You must check out her flip flap books, too. My kids love making and using them!

 What is on your wish list? Link up and share! Happy Shopping!!

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