Happy Sunday Friends!! 
Hope your weekend has been productive/fun/relaxing! I'm happy to link up with Teaching Trio for...

Here's what I'm up to today...I'm actually looking forward to this Sunday...except laundry!

Currently, I'm hanging out in Starbucks in Miami while my daughter participates in a Masters Class presented by a group called The Broadway Dance Collective. The founder and teachers are all currently touring with Motown the Musical. She'll be taking a 4-hour class that includes dancing and singing. Her dream is to dance on Broadway. We will do whatever it takes to help her realize her dream. It's a pretty competitive business! Dance is definitely her passion!

After the class, I'll stop by Mom's for a visit and lunch. Then home for Super Bowl Sunday. I'm not that interested in the game...just the halftime show and the commercials! Heehee! I do like to make fun foods for my hubby and son while they watch. Are you cheering on your favorite team or just hanging out on the sidelines?

It's a chilly day here today (in the 50s this morning). I know many of you have lots of snow, but for this South Florida gal, it's COLD! The sun is out and the sky is blue, so I'm happy about that.  We like to open the windows on days like today and enjoy the cool air. How is your weather today?

Have you celebrated the 100th day of school yet? If you're looking for an activity, especially for bigger kids, check out my All About the 100th Day poster. We celebrated on Friday and the kids had a blast thinking about 100!

Happy Sunday and have a fantastic week!!
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