Tomorrow is February 1st! Looking for some activities for the month? I have just what you need!

For me, I need activities that cover our standards and are not just "for fun". We have so much going on in 3rd grade this year that every minute has to be spent working on our Florida standards. So when I create a product, I have just that in mind. I want it to be fun for the kids and I always try to bring an element of creative and critical thinking.

For Groundhog Day, I created this Reasearch in the Round project. (I call it that because it's a round booklet. Clever right? Heehee!) My students will use their own devices or a classroom laptop or iPad to research facts about the groundhog and his special day. They can take their research to writing with one of the 3 prompts I've included. Check out the preview below. I think this project is appropriate for high second graders and 3rd and 4th graders.

If you are doing some preplanning for Valentine's Day, check out this product. Conversation Hearts Activity Cards will give your students a variety of challenging tasks to complete using a bag or box or candy hearts.

My newest products are these monthly ELA Skill Cards. I love using these cards in my classroom for a game of scoot or for practice in our word work center. I have created these with 3rd grade ELA standards in mind, but they would be useful in 2nd grade for a challenge or in 4th grade as a monthly review. If you like these be on the lookout for March cards coming soon!

I hope that you can find the "fun" in February with these products. Enjoy your week!!
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Happy New Year!! It's here...2016 and the end of winter break! It's also time for the CURRENTLY linky with Farley.

So here's what's happening in my life right now!

I cherish the time off with my family. Since hubby is a teacher too, I've always felt so lucky that we can all be home together on breaks. As my kids get older, I am savoring these times together knowing that one day I won't have them all to myself. Time really does fly and they really do grow up so fast!

Speaking of time flying, I can't believe it's already January. There is SO much left to teach. At this time of year, I always start panicking, thinking about how I will get it all done. I need to hit the plan book today and prepare for the weeks ahead. I do find that 3rd graders come back from winter break a little more mature. I hope this is the case this year since we will hit the ground running on Monday!

POSITIVITY.  This is my one little word. It has been my word this school year. With so much being placed on us in the classroom, there are many, many days I find myself feeling down and frustrated. There is so much we are expected to do and accomplish that it starts to feel impossible. I try to remind myself that I can only do what I can do in the time I'm given. I have a life outside of the classroom, too. Balancing school and family and keeping a positive attitude will be my key to "survival" for the remainder of this year. Are you feeling the same pressures? How do you keep balanced? It's helpful to hear what we all do to stay positive!

If you are looking for an activity for BTS on Monday, download my  New Year Freebie!

I hope you all have had a peaceful relaxing winter break and let's look forward to a HAPPY healthy POSITIVE New Year!

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