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Every Tuesday I'll be offering 2 products at a 50% discount just for the day! Since I'm late to the party today, I'll keep today's products on sale for the next 24 hours.
Today I'm offering two products you can start the year with. The first is my ABC Order Seasonal Printables pack. This set includes 10 printables for practicing ABC order throughout the school year.
Autumn Days is a product that includes 11 printables for fall. These will get your kids thinking outside the box and practicing ELA skills. Both are perfect for morning work or homework! Take a peek at the previews for a closer look! Enjoy!

Happy Hump Day! It's time to join Teacher by the Beach for another week of Wish List Wednesday!

Today I'm featuring a product that is fun and versatile! Reading Response Improv Cards will be a great addition to your reading time.
Your students will have the chance to demonstrate their understanding of the books and stories they are reading with these 36 improv cards. Hand these out to small groups or individuals. Use them as an assessment tool or as a brain break.
The kids will be SHOWING their understanding of books not just TELLING about the stories!
My students found these very challenging this year. They asked to do these over and over again!

Here is a sample page:

 I offer suggestions for using the cards, too!

I think you and your class will find these are a fun and different way to practice reading comprehension!

Grab them at 20% off in my TpT store for the next 24 hours! Check out my NonFiction Improv Cards too!

Thanks to Jen from Teacher by the Beach for hosting this cool summer linky. Every Wednesday I'll be highlighting one of my most wish listed products. I'll offer it to you at a discount, but just for the day! (Today I will keep this marked down for 24 hours since I got a late start on posting today.)

Today I'm featuring my Fraction Scoot. I love this game because it covers a variety of  skills that students need to know. Skills covered include finding missing numerators and denominators, writing fractions for the shaded and unshaded part of a shape, writing fractions in simplest form, and defining math terms. It's great for assessment, pretest/posttest, practice, or use as task cards at a math center. There are 32 cards (enough for the entire class), an answer sheet, and answer key.

Fraction Scoot sells for $3.00, but today it will be on sale for $2.00. A little more than a 30% savings.

I know you and your students will find this fun and educational!!
I am super excited to be a featured teacher over at Art with Jenny K. Learn how my students used nature to create works of art and pick up a little freebie.

Visit Jenny's TpT store, too. Her pop art is so much fun. The kids really have to think creatively on these projects! I love them and use them often! Jenny has inspired me and reminded me how important art integration is in the classroom! THANKS, JENNY!!

Ahhhh! It's the first official day of summer vacation! I am so looking forward to the next 10 weeks off! It's the first summer in a very long time that I am not working!  I was so super busy the last few months that I just haven't had time to share...better late than never, right?!

Here are some things that happened in my classroom the last few weeks of school.

Even after you have collected reading books, students can continue practicing research and reading skills. I created these author study books and they are great for the end of the year. You can choose the author to study or assign different authors to individuals or groups of students. Be sure to gather books by the author(s) for students to read and reflect on. Find this product HERE in my TpT store.

If you are still in school and looking for some fun end of the year/summer activities, check out more of my products HERE.

My Travel Journal and Hobby Time are also perfect to use after textbooks have been collected, but you still want to keep an academic atmosphere.

Enjoy the rest of the school year or the start of your summer vacation!

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