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Here's the scoop on my Sunday!

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These Physical Science and Life Science Interactive Notebook packs offer many fun foldables to enhance your study of science. I've based these on the Florida 3rd grade science standards. Each set has not only foldables, but Think About It questions to use as a warm-up to the lesson. Check out the previews on TpT for a closer look!

Two products just added this weekend are December ELA Skill Cards and February ELA Skill Cards. (January is coming soon!) I've been in dire need of extra language arts practice for my kiddos. Their skills are weak and I find that daily practice is what they need to master these skills.

Each monthly themed set comes with 30 cards that can be used as a Scoot game, task cards for centers, a warm-up to an ELA lesson, or even morning work. I'm going to print out each page and project it on the board in the morning. My students will use the recording sheet to complete one page (6 tasks) per week. Use these with your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th graders. Every bit of practice helps!!
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Hello Friends!
I am so happy to be posting today! It's been FOR.E.VER!! Since the start of school, it's been one thing after the next! My son started high school. My daughter is in 7th grade. It's been endless homework, activities, carpools, etc. You know what I mean...taking care of the family is beyond a full-time job and pile that on top of school....whoa! Are you pulled in a million directions, too? What's your escape or how do you spend time on yourself? Leave a comment. I would love to hear!

Starting back with blogging is fun with Farley and her monthly Currently. Here is what I'm up to today!

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