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In my class, I use this book to teach vocabulary. I have pretty high readers, so I use that's why I use a 4th grade book. Expanding vocabulary is a strategy that we work on daily. I love this book because it not only has real world words, but it has excellent activities for  practice. There are tons of opportunities for the kids to work collaboratively, too.

I found this excellent article on teaching vocabulary. It talks about vocab instruction not being about looking up words and writing definitions. The kids have to be working with the words in a variety of activities. They can not just memorize a list of definitions for a quiz. 
Click ❉HERE❉ to read the rest.

I created this little freebie for vocabulary practice. When students get a chance to think about and talk about words, it expands their base of words. They need to think about how words go together and how they "fit in the world", as stated in the article. I hope you and your kiddos enjoy it!! Click ✬HERE✬ to get a copy!!


  1. LOve this! ALL students need vocab instruction!
    Thanks! wendy

  2. Yes, thank you!

  3. Thanks for sharing! It definitely appeals to the word nerd in me.

    Judy @ It's Raining Resources

  4. Ohh thanks for sharing - I'm really stressing vocabulary retention right now and this will be an awesome resource!

    "Joy in the Journey"


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