Class Journal: Community Building

Happy Friday everyone!

Here is  a wonderful writing and community building activity--The Class Journal. This simple notebook serves as a tool for writing practice and a way for students to share their ideas with their classmates. I ask that one student take the notebook home, write an entry, and return it the next day. I try to respond to each one and other students can respond (positively, of course) when it's their night to take it home. It could be equated to Facebook...students post thoughts and ideas and other students comment. Maybe I should call it Class Book!! ⎨I think I really like that idea!! Comment please with your thoughts!!⎬ 

Back to the can use a composition book or spiral or any other "fancy" notebook you like. Simply glue the Class Journal note to the inside cover and you're ready to go! I write the first post (and others now and then) and then ask for volunteers to take it home each night. You could certainly assign nights to each student, too. I like the voluntary aspect, though, because I feel there is more buy into the project. I suggest having a "sign out" method. You don't want it to get lost! A space on my board marked "Class Journal" works well for me. Kids just sign their name if they decide to take it home. I'll post pics of mine as it gets going. I'm starting Monday!

Hope you and your students enjoy!!
Click {here} to download a copy♥ 


  1. This is such a great idea! I really like your list of suggested topics and how the letter is written from the Class Journal. We are going to start this on Monday. Thanks! Leeann

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