Tweets & Facebook??

Social networking is so popular these fact it is a way of life. I know a day doesn't go by when I don't check out Facebook! What would do without it! I currently started using Twitter and Facebook in the classroom! Don't panic! I don't have my 3rd graders tweeting during the school day. I decided that using what is popular and current gets the kids motivated! In my Turkey Time pack, I have created 2 fun is called Turkey Tweets and another called Plymouth Book. My 3rd graders will be tweeting from the turkey's perspective! The challenge is keeping the Tweets short and to the point. The kids have to be very specific and use details! (Real Tweets have to be 140 characters or less!)

The second activity is Plymouth Book. After doing a little research on the Pilgrims and the Native Americans, students create a "Facebook" page for a person that attended the first Thanksgiving. This is a great alternative to a typical report, summary, or book report and it enforces critical thinking skills! I'm going to create more "facebook" and "twitter" type activities! Be on the lookout.

Check this pack out at my TpT store! There are 8 activities  in total, 2 printable bookmarks, and  turkey themed writing paper for creative Turkey Tales!

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