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I have met so many amazing teachers and forged so many new friendships through this blogging experience. Everyday I am more and more awed by how people can come together over cyber space. I guess it's the teacher connection that draws us together. I feel so fortunate to have Jackie and Danielle as 2 new friends. These sisters not only blog and create wonderful products together, but they teach in the same school and they even drive to work together! They were even chosen as Co-Teachers of the Month at their school. How awesome is this sisterhood??!! Originally, I was drawn to their blog and Pinterest board because my sister is a teacher, too. My sis and I don't work together, but I sure wish we did. She is about an hour away from me and teaches 2nd and 3rd grade reading and writing in a team situation. I would be her team mate any day! She is an incredible teacher!

 As it is, I do go to work with my family. My husband teaches 5th grade at my school. We have taught at the same school for many years and, yes, we met at school way back when. This year is interesting because we are in adjoining rooms...the closest in proximity we have ever been at school! LOL! You are probably asking, "how does that work out?" Well, we really don't see each other much during the day. (That sounds bad!)  I mean we keep our "work distance".  He hangs out with his team and I hang out with mine. We keep things separate.  I think our students think it's cool because we can be very silly together and there is a lot of joking around going on this year being that he is just in the next room. The VERY best part of being teachers together is that our 2 kids have been in school with us since pre-k. This year our son has moved on to middle school, but he still rides with us and catches the bus from our school. Our daughter is in 4th grade and her room is right next to mine. I LOVE seeing my kids during the day. I LOVE having days off together. I LOVE that I can be with my family all day long. I think it has contributed to our strong family bond and there is NOTHING better!

I applaud the Sister Teachers for their strong family bond and I am THRILLED to be part of their 300 Follower giveaway. They are raffling off tons of TpT resources. Get over to their blog and enter NOW! I also suggest that you follow them on Pinterest. They pin the best stuff!

Are there any other sister teachers, brother teachers, husband/wife teachers, or other family combinations out there?? I would love to hear your story! Have a very happy Monday!


  1. Gina!! What a wonderful post! Thank you so much for this amazing shout out!! You're wonderful!!!
    Ps... don't know if I ever mentioned this, but we have a husband-wife duo at our school as well (they're next door neighbors too). Lot's of family in our school!! =) Have a great week!!
    Sister Teachers

  2. For a while at my school my mom was the head of the Primary Department - and deputy Head of the school - I taught there and my daughter and son both attended. (It's an all-girls school but we take boys in the final two year IB program so I got to have my son for his last two years :) I loved it - my daughter loved it half the time and half the time she pretended she didn't know either her mom or her grandma existed (that would be the teen years :)


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