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I feel like I've been such a blogger slacker lately. As much time as it takes me to prepare a post, I do miss it when I've been away. There is so much social media to keep up with, I wonder if blog reading has slowed down a bit.  Do you think people peruse Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter for teaching ideas more than reading blog posts? What do you think? What do you look at most?

I'm excited to link up with Coast to Coast Kinder for this fun linky:

I want to share a little Valentine activity that I have done now for years. I call it "That's What I Love About You". It's a very simple homework activity, great for all ages, and the results can be so beautiful. I give my students two cut out hearts. Students can cut out their own or you may want them larger.  Or you can use the pattern included in my freebie. You will also find the directions and a note to send home.

I like to keep it simple because I want the message to matter the most. The directions are for the student to write what they love about their family on one heart and for a family member (or each member) to write what they love about the student. In my class, I ask students to think about the unique qualities and best part of being a member of their family. I try to steer them away from writing "I love my family because they buy me things". I encourage them to dig deep and to think about what they love most. (I try not to give examples because you know they will just write what you say.)

Here are a couple from last year. I just assigned this on Monday, so I haven't gotten them back yet for this year. (Click on the picture in order to read it easier)

 I always display them for the month of February, usually with the title "That's What I Love About You" or "What I Love About You".  In the case of students who might not have a family member willing to complete this, a teacher could fill it out or maybe a good friend. Another alternative would be to create Classroom Hearts. You could write one for each student and the student could write what they love most about school.

I have done this activity for many years now. There is always one or two that brings tears to my eyes or surprises me. I think this is a special activity for families and one that might remind some about what really matters.

Thanks for stopping by today and pay a visit to Coast to Coast Kinder and link up too!


  1. Awww that's really sweet! I love it!

    x Serena x

  2. Thanks so much for linking up! If I ever get out of snow days at home I'm going to use this!!

  3. How special! I bet there are many smiles as these are read and shared.


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