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Technology is here to stay! We all know it. I decided it was time to embrace it. I tried BYOD. Yes! I allowed my students to bring and use their very own devices. I first emailed the parents to explain how I wanted to use technology in the classroom. I requested that the students bring in a tablet, iPod, or phone as long as they could access the internet. I have 3 iPads in my room and I brought in my own for any students that didn't bring a device. As it turned out, only 3 kids didn't have a device, so it worked out perfectly.

The first day we practiced using the site Poll Everything. (I had asked that the students to download the app the night before.)  They were able to answer multiple choice questions or short answers that appear in speech bubbles or word clouds. I gave them basic questions for the practice like "what is your favorite movie?" and "what is your least favorite ice cream?".

They had a blast!

I plan on using this app again during my formal evaluation coming up on Friday.

We have been studying the sun and stars and the kids took an interest in space. I taught them how to find websites appropriate for kids and bookmark them on their tablets. Most did not how to do this believe it or not.

The next day we worked on these super fun Space flip flap books created by Simply Skilled in Second.  I LOVE these books and so do the kiddos! Having their sites bookmarked made research go quicker and smoother.

If you have not tried BYOD give it a try. Let's embrace technology and bring it into the classroom more often. Of course, inform your parents and lay the ground rules for using their own devices at school.
Have fun!

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  1. They must have loved BYOD! I agree that we need to embrace technology because it's true that it's not going anywhere!! Thanks so much for sharing and linking up!
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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