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Winter break is fast approaching! Where does the time go? Sometimes I wish it would just slow down. We have 2 weeks of vacation coming up--December 24-January 6. I'll be spending it at home with my family and friends. I'm sure I'll be catching up on things around the house, hopefully some crocheting and lots of blogging! What will you be doing?

Right before the break starts we have a winter celebration in my classroom. It will be a snowman themed day. The kids will get to wear winter accessories like a scarf, hat, and mittens. Now this may not be big deal for some of you, but living in South Florida it's a big deal for us! My students don't always get to don their winter wear unless it falls below 70! LOL!
With parent help, I will set up some fun centers this year. First students will get to make melted snowman cookies (afterall that is what we have in Florida). Check these out:

We are also crafting a snowman made from rice and a sock! These are adorable! The kids will have fun pouring the rice and decorating them.
 We will have an indoor snowball fight with crumpled up paper from our recycle bin and play a little snowy bingo using holiday M&Ms to cover the spaces. The last activity, and the one sure to be the favorit, is our Secret Snowman Gift Exchange. Each student (after approval from parents) fills out a secret snowman form with ideas of gifts they would like. (These items should be less than $10.) I put the forms in a bucket and each student chooses one. Now over the next 2 weeks they can leave little sweet treats or notes for each other. They must keep their secret snowman a SECRET! That is the hard part! Some will do and some just can't! At the end of the winter celebration, the students will reveal themselves to their secret snowman with a gift. This is always great fun and a wonderful way to get winter break started!

I have included the bingo game and the secret snowman form in this little freebie pack, Snow Much Fun. There are also a few other snowy activities to add to your winter classroom. I hope you and your students enjoy them. What do you do in your classroom to celebrate winter??


  1. Love the snowman cookie! It is so true about winter wear in Florida. Being originally from up north it cracks me up when I see my students all bundled up when it gets below 70. I am your newest follower. I would love for you to stop by my blog sometime.

    Mrs.G's Kindergarten in Heels

  2. Do kids in Florida even have mittens? I was born in southern florida and when we moved to northern california at age the winter...I remember having to buy pants and a coat!

    Love your blog! Just wanted to let you know you will be featured on January 10th on my blog. I have a new year challenge: 365 Blogs to Hop Stop on by sometime and see who I have already found!


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