Back to School TpT Sale is Near!

Are you ready? The TpT Back to School sale is very close! August 18th and 19th enjoy 20% off every item in my store PLUS an additional 10% from TpT...for  a total of 30% 28% (not sure how it works like that. I'm NOT a math person!)
I'm linking up with Where the Wild Things Learn for this fun linky!

I, personally, can not wait to shop! I currently have 136 items on my wish list. Is that crazy or common?  I have to admit that I'm addicted to clip art, so there is a TON on my wish list. I couldn't possibly share just one set I want because I'll probably purchase many! There are so many creative, educational resources on my list, too, and I'm also having trouble picking just one.  I'm going to because those are the rules of the linky. LOL!
First stop is what I will be purchasing this weekend, for sure! Joanne from Head Over Heels for Teaching is not only a sweetheart of a person, but she is the Queen of the Post-it Notes. I ♥♥♥ the Post-it, too! I am going to have to purchase her Reading with Post-its pack. This pack is a set of templates designed for students to have a place to stick their Post-its after they respond to text. The templates are specific to various reading skills. I think these will really help my 3rd graders stay organized. Click HERE to view this very useful resource! It might be helpful to you, too.

 The second part of this linky is to share what other educators find useful at my TpT store. So to begin, my MOST wish listed (is that a word?) item is my Text Features Pack. 

This product has 15 colorful poster showing examples of common text features in informational text. I also include 6 activities in this pack. You will find an I Have/Who Has game. Text Features Bingo. A Text Features Treasure Hunt. A graphic organizer for students to use with any informational text they are reading, a prereading activity, and a culminating activity. It is a packed resource!

My second most wish listed product is 3rd Grade Common Core Math Word Wall Cards.

In this set, you'll find 83 vocabulary cards with the term and a visual representation of the word. These are perfect for a word wall, interactive notebook,  pocket chart, or even flash cards. I also include 5 header signs with the name of the anchor standard.

What's on your wish list?? Don't forget to enter the code BTS13 at checkout to get the TpT discount!


  1. Yay thanks for linking up girl! Totally checking out the reading with post-its! I swear I love this linky.. but I don't think my hubs will as much ;) Haha! Happy shopping :)


  2. Thanks for the shout out Gina! This is one of my most used creations in my classroom because I use it for whole class instruction, guided reading groups, and with social studies and science. Good students love it because the post-its make it different that a traditional graphic organizer! You can use some of the post-its from your goodie bag! :O) Hope to meet again soon!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching


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