Sharpener Winner and a quick HELLO!

Bonnie C. is the winner of the awesome sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies! Congratulations! Check your email, Bonnie!

I am back at school this week preparing my room! I am about finished and will post some pictures soon. I decided to rearrange my book bins and change to the new labels that I made! Boy! That has turned into a bigger job then I thought it would be! Of course, I'm reorganizing and finding new ways to group my classroom library. The problem is I don't have enough baskets or the space to put them, so I have to be creative.

Friday is our Drop-In Day. This is when families can come by school between 8-10am and visit the classroom, drop off supplies, and meet the teacher. SO...this means the room really has to be finished by Thursday. Do you have a day like that? How do you teachers do it when you have ONE day of preplanning?? I have a week plus I went in two days before preplanning and I feel like I have so much left to do. My TO DO list is just filling my head! Besides getting the room lookin' cute, I have to plan, but the first week is pretty easy. Assessments. Get-to-know-you activities. Routines and procedures. Introduce Read to Self and selecting "just right" books. (There I've planned! Whew! LOL!)
The kids start on August 19th and our Open House is scheduled for August 21st. I know it's quick but I prefer it right away. I don't really worry about too many "cutesy" things up for that night since it's only the third day of school. I like to spend the time discussing curriculum and expectations for my class with the parents. With Common Core upon us, this Open House will be spent talking about the new standards. This year will be our first year fully implementing the standards at 3rd grade. Should be interesting! If you need to direct your parents to information regarding the CCSS, click HERE. The PTA has created a wonderful guide for parents. Might be good to print and give out at Open House.

I just wanted to give a quick check-in! I feel like I've been out of the loop lately. 

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Click HERE to check out my book bin labels. 

Enjoy your Hump Day!! WOOT! WOOT!


  1. I never seem to have enough time at the start of the school year! I love your school's idea of having a drop in day - a great opportunity for parents and kids to come in! Look forward to seeing some pictures!

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  2. AWWW man! I didn't win the pencil sharpener... LOL..
    Thanks for the PTA link. I'm going to share with my teammate. We may add it to our Open House packet. Open House is usually a pretty quick turnaround for us as well. Two weeks after school starts, and we don't have a drop in day to meet the teacher, but students do have an orientation and can come in to practice lockers. Teachers are not required to be there.
    Have a great week!

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