My Truth Monday~One Little Word

As the new year approaches, the word resolution comes to mind. I NEVER keep any resolutions. EVER! Do you? I don't even like making them because I'm so bad at keeping them. Denise at Sunny Days is asking that we think about one little word for the new year for her My Truth Monday linky. I like it. One Little Word that will define 2014. OLW to live by in the new year. I think I can handle this!
Change. Thrive. Become. Mature. Grow. It fits into many facets of my life. Grow as a mother. I have a teenage boy and preteen daughter. Parenting takes on a whole new dimension now. Grow as a teacher. Continuing the journey of learning. Grow as a woman. I'll be entering a new age decade in 2015, so I have to make the best of my last year in this one. Grow as a family and grow as a friend. I don't ever want to be stagnant in any part of my life. Grow means life and living. Rising. Building. Stretching. Lovin' my OLW for 2014!

Join in and share your OLW!


  1. I love your word! Thanks for sharing... I hope our friendship is one that continues to grow in 2014.
    Happy New Year!

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  2. I like that one as well. I especially believe we need to grow as teachers-always new things out there to learn.



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