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Now that my third graders are off and running with their book boxes and readers' notebook, I have introduced book commercials and student book recommendations. Students are required to present at least one book commercial during the quarter. These commercials are quick and to the point. To give them an idea of how one should look, we watched kids present book reviews from old Reading Rainbow episodes. (You can watch those here on Discover Education and the kids love them. I can't believe how many have never seen LeVar say "And you don't have to take my word for it!") They will need to present one on a chapter book and then any book of their choice after that. I ask them to be sure it's a book they have finished and really loved. It's a great way to practice speaking and listening skills and for students to learn about new books.

To go along with the book commercials, my students can also fill out a book recommendation slip. I keep these slips near a book rack labeled "student recommendations". At any time, they can fill out a slip, place it inside the book, and place the book on the rack. This makes for another great way for kids to find good books with a peer review!

Download this freebie HERE with book commercial book marks and student recommendation slips. Enjoy!!

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  1. I love when my students share the books they love. I've been trying to keep what I'm reading posted on my white board and I'm thinking of adding chart paper near my library so my students can post quotes or other recommendations. Thanks for sharing!
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