Spark Student Motivation: Testing Boost!

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We did it! We did it!! WE. ARE. DONE!!! Four days of standardized testing!! My babies worked hard. They appeared to check their work, use strategies, and concentrate. I couldn't have asked for more.
Since this was their first year of testing, I wanted to make them feel relaxed, yet get them motivated, especially the first day of testing. Using tags from this set:
I made each student these little treat bags:

A few days prior to testing, I emailed the parents. I asked them to write a note of encouragement to their child and to send it to school in a sealed envelope addressed to me. On the first day of testing the students came in to this on their desks:
They were so surprised to see the letters and I think the words from their parents gave them a boost and made them so happy! Most parents sent in notes, but I did have just a few that forgot. For those students, I wrote out a little post-it for them wishing them good luck. (If you do not think that your parents would send in notes than a little handwritten note from you would make their day. I'm sure!) Each day of testing I also asked parents to send in morning treat (grapes, Cheerios, granola bars, cheese sticks) and after testing treats. On Friday, we had cupcakes and juice to celebrate their hard work.

I'm not a fan of where testing has taken education, but I do understand the part it plays. Let's try to make our students feel comfortable and confident!

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  1. I bet your students loved those adorable treat bags and I bet the parents appreciated you making their child's first testing experience was a positive one! I agree, my kids tried their best for the four days, and that's all we can ask. Thanks for sharing and linking up Gina!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching


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