Squared Away Linky and some Sharpie Love!

I'm linking up with Michelle over at Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans for Squared away on a Sunday. YES! I know it's Monday...sorry! LOL!

Here's what I have planned for this week...TEST PREP! (yuck!) We are testing next week, so this is our last push. I'll be spending most of my days this week on math and reading. My sister's county created an awesome 9 Day Countdown for reading for grades 3-5. Click HERE to see Day 1. I really like the format because it's how I teach my mini lessons normally, so it's not so different for my kids. I have very good readers in my class, but they are not very good test takers. They just don't want to take the time to check their work. UGHH! I am teaching test taking as a genre. I teach my kids that reading for a test is different than reading for pleasure. On a test, they are reading to answer questions, so they have to approach the reading differently. I created this anchor chart today from the countdown lesson. I was able to relate some parts to CAFE which is just perfect for us. I love this chart!!
After I modeled the strategy (which was topic),  I had the kids work in partners to read and discuss a passage. Then we came back together as a group to check the answers. They had to be ready with text-based evidence. I was pleased with their discussion.

 We will continue working like this the rest of the week.

Believe or not our county decided to make Thursday Take Your Child to Work Day....really? The week before testing? Who comes up with these plans? I will probably have quite a few kids out, but review will go on! I can't waste the day. Can you believe that my son's middle school is giving the kids extra credit if they go to work with a parent? Can you say "don't come to school"? My son said the teachers said no one comes anyway. Just blows me away! ANYWAY...rant done!

Tonight at Walmart I found something that calmed my soul and made me VERY happy!

 I LOVE SHARPIES!!! Do you? I am obsessed...it's rather ridiculous the amount I have on my desk! I had to buy two extras of the 80's Glam to send over to my two besties at other schools. They will be so happy to get a treat in the pony (is that what you call your interoffice mail, too?)

Well, this is my week so far! Hope yours is wonderful!


  1. Test prep. Blech. I'm with you. Ugh. So not looking forward to it.

    Is your son coming to school with you then? ;O)

    I loooooove Sharpies. Love. And the ones you found look super fun and awesome.

    We called it the Pony when I worked in Memphis but they don't call it that in my county now. I'm not even sure what they call it???? I've never used it!! I just know it was the Pony when I did hear it referred to. Ugh, it's killing me that I can't think of it...

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. Right after I hit publish it came to me. They call it the courier. There. I'm good now.


  2. I was just at Wal-Mart last night but after seeing those markers I may just have to go back tonight!! Is it terrible I make lists of things I want after blog stalking for an hour? Enjoy the rest of your week. Good luck with testing!!

  3. Great anchor chart! We start our ELA tests next week and then the Math is the week after. BLAH! I hate the stress of all the testing.
    I love the sharpies though! I use the fine print ones that don't bleed through the paper in my planbook.
    Thanks for linking up!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  4. I like your sister's test prep...are more lessons available? Thanks!


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