Sunday Scoop (1/4/15)

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So here is the scoop on me for today...

I'm sure, like 99% of you getting ready to go back to school tomorrow, you have plans to finish (or start) tonight or maybe a little grading to wrap up. I didn't touch one thing for work over the break...well I did pin a few things and bought (and created) some TpT products, but other than that I just had fun, worked around the house, did some shopping, and hung out with family and friends.  It was a nice time!

Here is one of the activities in my plans for this week. It's a fun little freebie I created about some New Year's traditions. It was pretty interesting learning about them and I think my kids will have fun with it, too. Go take a peek at it HERE at my TpT store. 

Later on I will be preparing lunches for the of my least favorite jobs EVER! Recently I've decided to make up sandwiches and salads for at least the first 3 days of the week. I pack my lunch for the week and keep it in my fridge at school and hubby does the same. The kids can pack their lunch each night since I've already made the sandwiches. It makes the job a TINY bit more bearable. daughter and I made a paper mache octopus today. The Week of the Ocean is coming up and doing a craft was one of the options. I'm enjoying this more than a science fair project.  I'll post pictures when we're done. So far it's pretty cute.

I've been thinking about meals for the upcoming week. Our days get pretty busy with school and sports' practice in the evening. We are always on the go. I like to have the meals planned so I don't have to think too much. The rest of my house does not eat what I eat so it is getting tricky...does that happen to you?? One thing I did make for ME was Overnight Oatmeal. Check it out here on my Pinterest page. I hope it turns out yummy. Have you ever made these? Please share any good combinations or recipes you have made.

Downton season 5 TONIGHT...super excited. I LOVE that show. The gals on my team watch it too so it's fun to chat about on Mondays!

Call me's ok...but I'm kind of looking forward to work tomorrow. I miss my kiddos! They are super sweet and cute. I also like the routine of the day. When we left for break I was feeling quite stressed out, but I think I have been able to reenergize myself. I'm going in with a positive who knows how long it will last, but I'm going to try...hard!!!

Thanks for stopping today! Enjoy your week back!


  1. I just mentioned watching Downton Abbey in my Sunday Scoop too. (And The Good Wife!) too! Knowing it's back on makes me SO HAPPY! While I love vacation, I totally like being a bit more on schedule as well. Have a super week back!

  2. I am finishing up my planning and need to meal prep tonight. It's been so nice being able to make lunch when it was lunchtime, but now it's back to planning and prepping at night! Hope you have a great week back!

    Swinging for Success

  3. I love Downton Abbey too. It was great to watch on Sunday night. We had a PD day on Monday which I loved. It gave me a chance to get back into the swing of things!
    I hope your having a great week back!
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