Wish List Wednesday

Thanks to Jen from Teacher by the Beach for hosting this cool summer linky. Every Wednesday I'll be highlighting one of my most wish listed products. I'll offer it to you at a discount, but just for the day! (Today I will keep this marked down for 24 hours since I got a late start on posting today.)

Today I'm featuring my Fraction Scoot. I love this game because it covers a variety of  skills that students need to know. Skills covered include finding missing numerators and denominators, writing fractions for the shaded and unshaded part of a shape, writing fractions in simplest form, and defining math terms. It's great for assessment, pretest/posttest, practice, or use as task cards at a math center. There are 32 cards (enough for the entire class), an answer sheet, and answer key.

Fraction Scoot sells for $3.00, but today it will be on sale for $2.00. A little more than a 30% savings.

I know you and your students will find this fun and educational!!

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