Five for Friday and two little Freebies!

I feel like I have been totally MIA! How is it that I'm busier now than I when I was in school? Isn't it supposed be summer VACATION?? I have had very little time to devote to my poor little blog or to my bloggy friends! (I'm so sorry.) I hope as the summer continues things will settle down! Are you busy in the summer, too?

Thanks for not forgetting about me and stopping by for Five for Friday. I'm so thankful for this linky party, especially during times like these. I can always come up with 5 random things about the week.
 Here we go:

I posted last week about training teachers in using the new reading series and that continued into this week. I'll actually be training until the end of July. We have received a lot of nice feedback about the information we are disseminating. Lots of positive reactions to the Daily 5 model, too. I'm happy to see so many teachers open to change. On the other hand, there are some that tune us out as soon as we say the word!

 Last weekend I cheered my son, Dane, on at a 3 day water polo tournament. It was SO SO very hot outside that by the time we got back home I was melted and miserable. I DID NOT feel like working on anything! His team did get a bronze medal and he played well. I'm proud of him!

Hubby and son left on a trip to California on Thursday morning. Dane is attending a water polo camp at UCLA. He will have a chance to work with the coaches and players from that team. I'm so happy that we were able to give him this opportunity. I hope it gives him a vision for the future, too. Father and son will have some time to tour around Los Angeles. Good bonding time, too!

The best part of my week was reconnecting with an old friend. We had been BFFs since 9th grade (about 30+ years now). A few years back something happened and  I honestly don't remember what caused us to part ways. I found her on Facebook. Messaged her. And it's like no time has passed between us! She is coming over tonight for a visit with her 6 year old daughter  and I'm giddy with excitement. I am so thankful to have her back in my life. I knew she was always out there and she would always be there! Do you have a friend like that?

I'm FINALLY getting my iPad! SO EXCITED! What apps are a must have in your opinion? Do you have any that you can't live without personally or for the classroom? Do you have a case you really like? Looking for any and all suggestions! I will be picking it up sometime in the next few days.

I have 2 Freebies for Friday this week. The first one was in Sunday's TpT Newsletter! I was honored to have my product chosen!My Beautiful Bookmarks for Open House are ☼HERE☼ if you do not have them!

The second is another Back to School helper, Student Information Cards. I ask the parents to fill these out and I keep them in a notebook so I have important information at my fingertips. Click ☼HERE☼ to download yours.

Hope you find these resources useful and helpful! I ♥♥♥ feedback!
Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. I can relate to you about the teacher training! I was one of the district's training teachers way back when Guided Reading first started here, and there were many teachers who were "forced" to come and watch these new ideas and didn't think much of me as a fairly new teacher at the time!
    But we are life-long learners, afterall!
    Great post,
    Whimsy Workshop

  2. Gotta get ifontmaker:) Love it.


  3. I love your Student Information Cards as well as your Open House bookmarks! Thanks for sharing!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  4. I love training teachers! I hope that I can do more of it. I have reconnected with several friends over the last little while and I feel your excitement. Friends are precious!

    The apps I like are StoryWheel and FarFaria. Check them out!

    :) Shelley

    The Perks of Teaching Primary


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