July Currently!

July?? Really? It can't be!! Hubby just said....summer vacation is half over! NOOOO!! I can't think about it! I haven't done half of the things I planned on doing yet! Ughhh! Where does the time go??

With July here it  means time for Farley's Currently. One of my favorite linky parties!

✰Listening to (and watching) lots of movies (and a couple documentaries) this weekend. Some old. Some new. Last night we watched Pitch Perfect (hilarious). Today was Best in Show (a dog lovers must see), and on the screen right now is The Perfect Storm (just like it). When I'm on my computer or cleaning the house, I like to have movies playing in the background. I usually put on something I've seen so I don't have to pay attention. I just like to listen to the background noise.

✰I ♥♥♥ my new iPad!! I ended up getting the 64gb with wifi (no 3g). I'm having the best time finding Apps for school and play. It's perfect for checking Facebook or blog hopping. As I set up some Apps for school, I'll be posting about what I think is useful. Can't wait to start using it in the fall.

✰Every 4th our besties come over for a cookout. We've been friends with this couple for about 10 years now. (They are both teachers, too.) We cookout. Swim. Chat. Laugh. In the evening, the husbands put on a fireworks show for us. This year they bought the "big stuff". Real fireworks from one of those fireworks tents. I'm not sure what to expect, but they always put on an awesome show for us.

✰Wanting my baby girl to feel better. Started yesterday with a stomach ache, then fever, now headache. Poor girl. No one should be sick on summer vacation!!

✰I have a list a mile long of "Things to Work on this Summer". So far I've finished ONE project. In all fairness to myself, I have been working almost everyday. Since school has been out I've trained and this past week was spent at a summer institute. I've only had Fridays off. SO...with that disclaimer said...I guess I have to be easier on myself. I also want time to just do nothing! I have no trainings this upcoming week. I will try hard to organize my time, without interruptions, to get some projects finished. I have 3 or 4 projects started right now. They'll get done, I'm sure. Maybe I'll plan a day at Starbucks to work. When I'm away from the distractions of home I tend to get a lot done! Do you have time set aside that you work on blogging and/or TpT or do you just work when you have spare time? Do you go into an office or other room to work? Would love to hear how you organize yourself!

✰The best tip I can offer for creating products is to start with what you know. Ask yourself "what works for me? What are my best practices? What activities have I found to be successful with my kids?" I also think it's important to create with your teaching style in mind. Products should reflect you as a teacher! Blogging is the same for me. If I'm not feeling the post, I can't write it. If I don't feel inspired, I don't write. I'm finding it hard to write this summer without being in my classroom, so I'm not going to force posting just to put something out there. I do enjoy throwing in some of my real life and I do enjoy reading about my bloggy friends' everyday lives. I hope through reading my blog you have gotten to know me a little. I feel like I have a whole world of friends out there and I enjoy reading about what is happening with you!

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 Thanks for stopping by!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! 


  1. I came over from Farley, with the rule of three! I'm your newest follower on Instagram!
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!
    Fern Smith's Pinterest Boards!

  2. I love my iPad too! It's just so convenient. Hope your girl feels better and doesn't pass it on.


    KS and her Kids

  3. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my Currently!! I just started mowing the summer and really enjoy it (it is a riding mower)

    Hope your cookout goes great. We have one with my in-laws and are going to have a badminton tournament!


  4. Cute blog! I'm your newest follower :) I need to be more disciplined too.. ugh... I feel like I should go be productive right now :)

    or not... LOL

    The Adventures of Room 83

  5. Pitch Perfect is one of my new favorites! I completely agree with your advice-since I usually post classroom activities it's hard to find things to blog about over the summer-but you can't force it. :)


  6. I do the same thing- when I am cleaning and doing things around the house, I like to have movies on. And they are usually ones I've seen 100 times, since I don't really pay attention anyway!

    Have fun with your new iPad! I'm totally obsessed with mine! :)
    Mrs. Johnson's Little Prowlers


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