A Freebie and Five for Friday!

Summertime! It's finally here! This is where I want to be right now!

Last day of school was on Thursday. Planning day and luncheon today, so the beach has to wait a few more days!
It's Five for Friday time and we were busy this week!

The last week of school was full of chaotic fun! Monday started the week with Autograph Day and Park Day. As a grade level, we meet outside and the kids run around getting friends and teachers to  sign shirts, yearbooks, or notebooks. Later, we were supposed to head over to the park next to our school, but the weather did not permit. We stayed at school and the kids brought out their towels, games, drawing materials, snacks, and hung out with their friends. The weather cleared up and it was a good morning.
Tuesday was our class celebration. A Sunshine Party. (Click HERE to read more details about this theme.) This year I decided to have a breakfast. Something a little different. My parents rocked the house!  I had one dad cooking up the waffles and French toast (homemade batter by the way). Check out the fancy pancakes shaped like suns!! A mom and dad whipped those beauties up! They had aprons on and cooked together. So cute! They used those ketchup bottles for the batter and "drew" out the sun shapes.  How fantastic was that?? Other parents donated toppings like whipped cream, chocolate chips, syrup, and fruit. It was a yummy morning!
The kids had a blast. Enjoyed their breakfast and moved on to Game Day! Some brought board games. Some brought electronics. They enjoyed the time hanging with their friends and just being kids.

Wednesday was Movie Day. Each teacher on my team chooses a movie. We meet again as a whole group. Each teacher holds up our movies and say GO! The kids run to the movie they want and we hand them a ticket (24 per teacher). Room moms send in popcorn, too! I showed The Muppets...love that movie!

Thursday was the LAST DAY!!  Noon dismissal. (I find half days feel longer full days!) My kiddies were cute. They made a conga line to specials. We had a dance party. I handed out report cards and awards and these simple little goody bags. (tried to stay in line with the sunshine theme.) Lemonade Kool-Aid, lemon drop candies, Life Savers, and gumdrops shaped like orange slices. Then the bell rang at noon. Tears flowed. Hugs all around. And we said good-bye.

The bag toppers are my FRIDAY FREEBIE. Click HERE to get yours.  (They fit perfectly on a  Ziploc bag.)

All in all I had a fantastic school year. I was SO fortunate to have a class of motivated well-behaved students. I was truly sad to see them go. I'm looking forward to a restful summer, in between working for the county as a reading trainer. I hope you are enjoying a must deserved break or getting ready to start!


  1. Your party looks like so much fun! What an adorable theme that you all pulled off incredibly well! Looking forward to sharing ideas! Happy summer!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  2. I just found your blog through the Five for Friday linky. I'm excited to stay connected and read about your ideas. I teach third grade and I'm always looking for ways to help my students who need a little bit of enrichment.

    Third Grade Galore


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