Father's Day~~Literature Link & Craft

10 school days left! Wahoo! So many of you are closer to the end and others have several weeks left. I thought I would share this little Father's Day craft for those you that still have time and may need a little something.

My Father's Hands by Joanne Ryder is a beautiful story of a little girl and her father working in the garden. The father shares what he finds there, as the little girl takes notice of his hands and the work they do.

Students will create a hand garland card to give to their dad (or father figure in their life). Here are the directions. It's pretty simple. You can use a smaller strip of paper, but you'll get less hands. You may need to fold into a wider size to accomodate larger hands. I used this size for my 3rd graders.

On each hand, have the kids write a sentence describing something their father does for them. You may suggest that each sentence starts "My father's hands...". The kids can add details to the hands or you can use colored construction paper. I think this makes a thoughtful gift for the dad in their life! Hope you enjoy it!!

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