Let the Sunshine In!

The end of the school year is quickly approaching! I am still amazed at how quickly time flies. I always go through the same inner monologue: "Did I cover everything? Did I spend enough time on ______? I didn't do enough ______! I'm not finished with ____!" Do you worry that the year is over and you haven't completed it all?? Though I feel like I haven't done it all, I know that I've done my best. I can say with certainty that I gave my kids 110% of what I have.  I'm certain you have all worked as hard! As the year winds down, I like to think about having a little fun to celebrate all that we did accomplish.

 Our last day for the students is June 6th and our celebration will be on June 4th. For the past couple of years, I have had a Sunshine Party. It's really a very simple theme, but lots of fun to to celebrate summer. Here is the "criteria" for a Summer Sunshine Party:
#1: Everyone dresses in the color of sunshine...orange, yellow, red. Students can wear hats and sunglasses, too.
#2: Serve food that is orange, yellow or yellow-ish...vanilla ice cream, lemon drops, lemon cookies, vanilla cupcakes with yellow frosting, popcorn, orange slices, and lemonade are a few of the fun foods I've served over the years.
#3: Play some fun summer songs. I have a CD of songs with summer, sun or sunshine in the lyrics. Have a dance party or play musical chairs.
#4: The kiddos work on a summer sunshine scavenger hunt I've created which is included in my new End of Year Summer Sunshine pack.

Also in this pack you will find activities you can work on during the last week to go along with this sunny theme. I've included reflection sheets, a Summer Brain Booster, bookmarks for summer reading and one to create for your incoming students, an autograph page, and two cover choices to create a book for all these activities. There are 8 activities in all.

You could also add this "All About" Poster for the End of the Year to the above activity pack.

All of my products are 20% today and tomorrow in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week. Remember to enter the code TAD13 to get an extra 10% off from TpT.

Enjoy your week! I hope you are feeling SUPER appreciated!!


  1. Hi Gina.
    I was wondering if any of your kiddos finished their How to be My Mother poems. My class started them yesterday. I'd love to see some finished products. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Hi Gina~Love your bright and fun party idea! :) I grabbed your button. Thanks for always being so friendly and kind. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners


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