Friday Freebie: Poetry!


I'm so pleased and proud of how well my students performed. I think they did their very best and that is all I can hope for! Now we can get back on track for the short time we have left together in this school year. We are going to get back to our poetry writing! To celebrate the end of testing, I have created some poetry resources for Friday Freebies!

One of the poems we are going to tackle is a color poem. First, I will share these two books:

Both are excellent examples of how color is not only what we see, but it can also evoke feelings and emotions. 

With the help of my daughter, we "gathered" a bunch of paint swatches from Walmart. (I cut apart the long strips)

My plan is to have each student choose a color and  brainstorm ideas about that color using their senses and experiences.. They will glue their swatch on the square. You can also have kids color the square if you are not using the swatches.  I'm going to use this sheet for brainstorming.

Students will use their ideas to write their color poem.  They can follow the format I created or make up their own.  I like choice! Click HERE for a free download of the brainstorm sheet and a color poem form.

My kids have written Bio Poems already, but today a colleague of mine came up with the idea to write Earth Day Bio Poems. These can be from the perspective of Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Planet Earth, animals, or plants. I loved her idea, so I whipped up a form and some extra blank stationary for the kids to publish their poems on. Again they can follow the specific format or create their own. (Choice!!) Click HERE to download your freebie.
Hope you enjoy poetry writing with your kiddos! 


  1. I love the idea of having them imagine colors with their 5 senses. Thank you so much for sharing! :)


  2. I found you via Freebie Friday at TBA! Hailstones and Halibut Bones is one of my favorite books. I first became introduced to it when I was in college a LONG time ago. I did several pre-teaching projects using it. Thirty+ years later I still am using it! Love your idea and brainstorming sheet. I already downloaded it to use next week. Thank you for sharing!

    The Teacher's Desk 6

  3. These are such great ideas! I love the color swatch activity...also great for showing that there are many more colors than just 'green'. Bookmarking and printing now. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Just wanted to let you know we used your Earth Day Bio poem this week and it was great! We talked about the poem together, then partners chose a topic. They wrote a poem separately and then chose which of each line to use in their final joint poem. Other than a few who forgot to include the first words in the line (grrr!) they turned out WAY better than I hoped!

  4. Hehe - I have "gathered" paint swatch's in the past!

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