Let's Get Acquainted Linky and a MUST read book!

I'm joining Latoya at Flying into First Grade for the Skittles Games. How fun is that??

Here are some of my colorful favorites!
Hope to get to know lots of you through this fun linky!

I have to share a book with you today that I think is a must read. It's this years Newbery Medal winner, The One and Only Ivan. 

Here are the first three pages:

This story is emotional. The writing style is beautiful! You will find so much discussion in it! My 4th grade daughter read it and could barely contain her tears! I've been reading it aloud to my class and they are glued to their seats. You can hear a pin drop. One little boy said, "I thought about Ivan all night." (You know this story is having an impact.) The story is told from the perspective of the gorilla, Ivan. You just fall in love with him from the first page. As it turns out, the author based this story on a real gorilla who spent 27 years, alone, in a circus-themed mall. He never spent any time with other gorillas until he was moved to Zoo Atlanta. Read more about Ivan HERE. If you have time and need a read aloud for the end of the year, please pick up The One and Only Ivan.


  1. Ahhhh! I want to read it!! I am reading Wonder now. Maybe I can fit this in too!!
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  2. I love books! I'll definitely add this to my "Must read" list. Thanks for the suggestion! I would have to agree that Ice cream is the best food invention EVER.

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  3. Oh my goodness, Gina! I got misty just reading your description and the preview pages! I'm just a great big sap! :) Thanks for sharing your randomness! Don't you LOVE this linky???


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  4. I just finished reading The One and Only Ivan with my class and we all absolutely LOVED it!

    1. Isn't it wonderful! There are parts I can barely get through when I read it. I cry at everything! LOL!

  5. This book looks amazing! Is it appropriate for 2nd graders?


    1. I'm not sure. I think it depends on your kids. It would be a quick read for you so check it out before hand.

  6. I have never heard of Hula Hula, but it sounds amazingly good!
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  7. That sounds like a really good book! I am adding it to my wishlist now!
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  8. Oh, yes I'm going to have to read it. Maybe it will be our 2nd Book Study this year.

    Ice Cream...OH yeah!

  9. Thank you for the book tip! I can tell it'll be an emotional read

  10. I am so planning on reading that book! I'm always looking for books to read to my kids. I also really want to do the skittles linky. I am also hosting a linky--it is all about the dollar. Anything you find, sell, buy, or love that is only a dollar! So come on over and link up. I would love to have you!


  11. I am reading this book to my smarties RIGHT NOW! They love it.. and how cool is it that some of them even made a super MIDDLE SCHOOL connection to how Ivan is in a cage and feels he has no control.. just like the victims of the Holocaust during WWII... which we have studied in Social Studies I was awestruck with that! WOOT!
    We are going to do a project with the librarian when I am finished. I have a schedule post going out on WED about this book! How funny!
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